Glee 5

While not much happens, this episode is still really enjoyable (kudos to Fox for all of a sudden becoming a good network). There are more songs and even a brief glimpse of of “Don’t Stop Believin'” which is always welcome.

With Rachel out of the Glee club, Schu needs a new ringer so he brings in Kristin Chenowith, an old student who never graduated. Kristin Chenowith, for those who don’t know was Violet on Pushing Daisies and Glinda the Good Witch in Wicked. Finn tries to convince Rachel to come back by flirting with her (because if the glee club does well he might be able to get a scholarship). Rachel is having a hard time in the play.

Kristin Chenowith is a bad influence on the gleesters (she bonded with them at Schu’s request…by getting them to drink). She was also Mr. Schuster’s first crush.

All’s well in the end as Rachel returns, as expected, and Kristin Chenowith steps down. Sue will need a new scheme to take do the Glee Club.

The music this week is great (and the Kristin Chenowith parts don’t even stand out as the best).


3 Responses to “Glee 5”

  1. sarah Says:

    I saw a few minutes of this episode and liked it…I haven’t seen any other episodes…is it worth catching up on?

    • ax20 Says:

      Despite the poor start I had with the show back in May, I’ve really been enjoying this new series. Possibly one of my favorite new shows of the fall.

  2. csgo Says:

    Wow, attractive portal. Thnx ..

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