Hell’s Kitchen 12

Dave is upset that Tennille changed who she was nominating for elimination last week. He no longer trusts her. Kevin just sits back and enjoys the fighting.

Ariel and Suzanne talk. Ariel asks if she’s okay or shaking. They’re both worried about themselves. Suzanne knows that if she’s nominated again she’s going home (she’s been up 3 times in a row).

Challenge time. Individual challenge no less. It’s all about presentation. The editorial staff of Bon Appetit is helping judge. (5.8 million readers per month.) Each person must make one dish. Presentation will be primary judgment. Top two will be ranked for taste. “You do not want to lose this challenge.”

Dave is banging something. They’re rushing around. Suzanne makes a salad and Dave thinks that’s a bad idea. Ramsay bugs everyone as they work. (I’m hungry!) Tennille’s fish broke so she dumps everything on top of it. Kevin just manages to pour the sauce on top. Each of them seems to get complimented though Dave seems to have difficulty explaining his dish, can’t even remember its name.

Fifth place- Tennille (duh! it was a mess!)
Fourth place- Suzanne (she thinks it was a piece of art)
Third place- Dave
Second place- Ariel (I’m glad, someone told her it would photograph well)
First place- Kevin

They taste Ariel and Kevin’s dishes. Time to choose who wins. They’ve come to a decision…TIED! (Is it just me or does Ramsay ditch out on this decision making more than once?) Their dishes will be featured in the magazine. Pretty cool. Shutters On The Beach is beautiful. Kevin thinks it’s a taste of what it would be like to win the show.

The losers must prettify the streets. (Dave complaining about Tennille not Suzanne well…) The lsoes must wear orange jumpsuits. Tennille stop yelling dammit! She keeps saying “this just ain’t right!” But apparently she’s learned not to commit crimes. So…good? Dav’es wrist starts swelling.

They work to prep for dinner service. Dave’s struggling and Kevin is annoyed. (Despite Dave doing the best always.) Kevin steps up by telling everyone what to do which gets on Suzanne’s nerves. She thinks he’s patronizing. Ramsay’s pep talk: this is about determination. Do everything perfectly.

Service. The menu features Kevin and Ariel’s dishes. The first ticket is in. Dave is on cold apps, Tennille is on hot apps, Suzanne is on fish. Dave asks if there’s anything new on the menu, Tennille responds nastily. They get off to a bad start since Tennille didn’t give a warning to Suzanne so Tennille comes and helps. They get things out anyway. Communication improves but Tennille overdoes the Risotto and ignores Ariel’s warning. She has to do it again. A lot of tickets are coming in at once. Ramsay is unhappy with one of Suzanne’s scallops. Dave is fighting to get his dishes out and does a good job. Ramsay send out incomplete orders hoping Suzanne and Tennille will be ready any minute. Tennille continues overcooking the risotto. It seems the rice is a problem, Kevin cooked the rice. It’s both of their faults. Suzanne brings good rice. Ramsay yells at them both. Kevin gets more yelling for having poor standards.

The kitchen is behind. Finally the risotto is out. “Appetizers start flying out of the kitchen” and the diners are pleased. Entrees. Raw chicken is served by Ariel. She’s pissed at her own screw up. Kevin ruined the rice and he’s saying “meat is so easy!” Her chicken is good enough when redone. Suzanne serves up something that Ramsay is raw. Kevin’s a jerk. Ramsay yells directions. Suzanne doesn’t feel good about herself. Ramsay shouts inconsistency. Ramsay storms “it cannot be possible!” John Phillipe works damage control on the floor. Only half the entrees have been served. Dave helps Tennille. Nothing comes up together which pisses Ramsay off. Ariel’s lamb is bad. More yelling. Tennille says they can’t let Ramsay shut the kitchen down.

Service is finally over but Ramsay’s disappointed. Only Dave didn’t get yelled at. More yelling. They didn’t come together as a team. 2 must be nominated for elimination. No best of the worst tonight. Dave says anyone could go.

Suzanne (who thinks everything of hers was beautiful) nominates Ariel and Tennille.
Ariel puts up Kevin and Tennille.

No decision seems to be made when the chefs return but it seems they have. Kevin is called to nominate. Number one is Ariel (for inconsistencies and lamb not up to par.) Number two is Suzanne (for raw fish and overcooked scallops). Shame, I was hoping for Tennille.

Suzanne says she focused on perfection but Ramsay says she accomplished nothing. She thinks she’s better than Ariel. He tells Ariel she’s gotten worse. Ariel thinks she is better and wants it badly. He says honestly both should go. He decides Suzanne is leaving (no surprise to anyone). Ramsay tells Tennille that she dodged a bullet and could have been up there just as easily.


One Response to “Hell’s Kitchen 12”

  1. sarah Says:

    I was glad to see Suzanne go, but no fear, it will be Tennielle this coming week unless Ariel really Fs things up…she is a better chef, creative dish wise by far. Lots of yelling this service, I was laughing out loud-loved it.

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