Gossip Girl

Well last week we had Blaire trying to become queen bee in college (apparently no one has told her that people in real life don’t like being talked to like idiots). Nate and Bri keep seeing each other and her parents find out. Georgina and Dan make out (because Dan remains an idiot). Serena screws over Chuck’s business deal when she starts acting out again though once busted about not going to college she and Rufus do come to a truce. (Jenny so far has been in the show only for a few minutes to gossip about Serena. Are we dont with her? We don’t get to see any more of Constance and the battle for queen bee?)

This week…
Georgina still making out and everyone finds out. Blaire and Chuck have issues as Chuck focuses on work. Vanessa discovers that Scott isn’t actually a student enrolled in NYU. (He’s been spending his time with Rufus learning to play guitar.) Vanessa confronts him and he tells her the truth. It turns out his parents told him that his true parents wanted nothing to do with him, which Vanessa reveals to be a lie. He wants to confront his parents before saying anything to Rufus. Serena is suspicious of her boyfriend, Carter (who used to be like Chuck) after a girl stops him on the street to yell at him. Vanessa meets with Dan to tell him the truth but all she says is that Scott lied about NYU (Georgina interrupts, of course). Blaire and Chuck fight over a photograph. He wants it for business, she wants it for an exclusive group. Georgina and Dan do some research of their own and discover Scott’s truth. Scott wants Vanessa to come with him to talk to Rufus. Dan is concerned that Scott is dangerous. All show up to the auction for different reasons. Scott’s mother included, she looks angsty. She’s there to stand by him. (She couldn’t bear losing him after losing her other son in an accident.) Serena outbids Blaire and Chuck for the picture they want because Blaire and Chuck were sabotaging Carter to protect her. Scott comes up to tell the truth but Scott says he’s Rufus’s son’s brother…interesting…Serena gives Blaire the picture and Blaire gives it to Chuck. Serena realizes that the group is really an imaginary invitation from Georgina. Serena warns Georgina that if Blaire fights back she will back her up. Serena then convinces Dan to leave without Georgina which clearly makes her angry. Serena tells Dan the truth and Dan tells Georgina he wants to cool things off for a bit. Carter is upset with Serena for not believing in hm so he isn’t returning her call. Scott comes up to say goodbye to Vanessa before he leaves. She doesn’t want to keep his secret but he convinces her to. She cries. Georgina is listening in. Carter comes to Serena’s, she says Chuck and Blaire were screwing with him, he says he knew. (Oh we get a two second glimpse of Jenny.) Chuck and Blaire meet, Chuck reveals that he bought a hotel rather than just a club. He took out all his money from Bass industries so that he could risk it all and make it on his own. Bri stops Carter on the street to threaten him (apparently finding him will make it easier to deal with her family). Georgina makes plans to head to Boston.


One Response to “Gossip Girl”

  1. sarah Says:

    LOL-yeah, Blair missed the memo about how that queen bee stuff doesn’t work in college, and rarely even in sororities! Georgina is a sociopath, althou her little prank on Blair was funny…why would she go to Boston? Revenge on Dan? Get a life, honey. This episode kept my interest…the first couple I was a little bored with.

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