Playing Catch Up

Sorry for not having written about many shows, but as everything premieres all at once, it will take some time before I figure out when I will be watching everything, what I’m going to write about and what I will even be watching. So here’s my thoughts on a bunch of shows from this week in shorthand:

Parks and Recreation– still funny in a I-wish-it-wasn’t-documentary-style-but-otherwise kind of way. Funny but not amazing.

Mercy– I’m undecided on this one. I think I enjoyed the first one in that Michelle Trachtenberg was entertaining to watch but the truth is the rest of the cast left something to be desired. I’m going to give it another week and see how episode two goes.

The Beautiful Life– Rumor has it that this show was canceled which is unfortunate because I was actually enjoying it. Surprising, considering how popular fashion shows have been recently (America’s Next Top Model, Make Me A Supermodel, Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Project Runway, Models of the Runway, The Fashion Show, The Rachel Zoe Project, and the soon to be premiering Launch My Line), that this one could not find an audience. In truth, despite its racy photos, I don’t think the CW did a very good job of advertising this show. For example, Corbin Bleu likely has a decent following from High School Musical and yet how long was it before anyone knew he was even on the show? And Elle Mcpherson for that matter. On the upside, maybe Nico Tortella will return to Make It Or Break It for a bit. I didn’t love him as Razor, but I do hate unfinished storylines.

Survivor: Samoa– nothing particularly noteworthy on this show other than that the people in Fao Fao are still stupid. Plus the old dude got pulled out for medical reasons. So nothing new. Although, one guy did find the immunity idol with no clues, so impressive but unfortunate since he’s such a rat.

Project Runway/Models of the Runway– Great challenge, making characters based on movie genres. I’m only sad there was no fantasy genre since that could have made a great outfit or two. Models of the Runway was even less interesting than usual but I’m certainly not sorry to see Fatma go. Obnoxious people get on my nerves.

Bones– Still working on figuring out when this show actually airs…but as always a great episode that involves the Jeffersonian getting involved with the FBI. The character interaction on this show is simply amazing, as always, and we get to see one of Bones’s secret but softer sides when it comes to dealing with one of her lab assistants who has just lost his scholarship. Plus, Booth was jealous/threatened by the fact that Bones makes more money than him, but it was just because she wrote another bestseller.

Flash Forward– GREAT! Definitely a show to start watching. I really enjoyed the premiere (which is a good sign since episode one is usually 1/2 the quality of the rest of the show). It did a good job of introducing a bunch of different characters (there was a doctor from ER whose name I cannot remember) and show of paranoia already creeping into their lives after the worldwide blackout that gave everyone a glimpse into the future. Who else is curious what the little girl saw?

Dollhouse– I heard that the premiere got poor ratings, which is really unfortunate considering that it was quite good. Echo is beginning to develop as a character, retaining a number of memories from her various imprints and determined to discover her real self (with the help of Agent Ballard). Even better of course is the Whiskey/Dr. Saunders-Gunther relationship and the Echo-Whiskey moment. There were so many things about this episode that were an improvement over last year’s pilot. If for nothing else, we actually see where this season is going and even more of Joss Whedon’s philosophy debates enter the picture, which is always a pleasure. Also, the episode was filled with excellently creepy music. Come on people, WATCH THIS!

Ghost Whisperer– For all the big deal they made about Melinda and Jim’s baby, he seemed rather ordinary for the most part. Even with his ability (or at least one of them) he seems hardly the super power they hinted at. That’s not to say that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy the premiere. Still as creepy and heartwarming as ever though I’m not certain where the season is going. I hope it has a big storyline coming since I find the big story more interesting than the formulaic ones.

Smallville– Lois Lane has returned. She’s so ridiculous but also entertaining in her own way. I like the way they brought her into the present. Clark Kent is too whiny for my taste and how bad did you feel for Chloe when she asked him to go back in time and save Jimmy? (Which reminds me, how close is this show intending to keep to the real Superman, since we all know that Jimmy was alive when he was the hero.) I like the way they brought around the girl who was hunting Lois in an attempt to find Clark though less than impressed with Zod. Apparently the ratings for the episode were the show’s lowest but also better than the shows that the CW normally aired in the same time slot so I don’t know what that says about the future of the show.

House– Despite the lack of regular cast mates (Wilson makes a quick appearance but otherwise, no one showed up, even to pick him up from the Rehab center when he was released) this season’s premiere was really interesting. We finally got to see House in every area of his personality though it does leave me wondering who House will be without his pain meds and less afraid to connect with people. Maybe he’ll be depressed again for losing that woman?

Psych– As funny as ever, no surprise since it’s mid-season though this whole Spencer dating someone who isn’t O’Hara is slightly irritating (but meant to be). Best line of the episode: “Did Lassiter’s words just jump into your mouth because that’s really unsanitary.” Also Steve Urkel makes a guest appearance on the show which is always fun, especially when he’s singing. Still loving the theme song!

I have yet to catch up Melrose Place and haven’t felt much of an urge to so I may be dropping that show. I’ve never been such a fan of police shows (with the exception of shows like Bones and Psych which are more comedy than cop show) so I think the whole murder mystery aspect is just ruining it for me. Though my sister seems to like that bit so…


One Response to “Playing Catch Up”

  1. sarah Says:

    I am going to have to catch up on Flashforward…you aren’t the only person that said it was really good…Parks and rec will stay as long as they can force it because of Amy Phoeler-I don’t go out of my way to watch it or DVR it….I am undecided on Mercy too.

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