Project Runway

This is my wonderings about the show:

I was wondering today how much money is actually spent on making the show. I mean, they buy some fabric, pay the camera crew, the writers (though I imagine less than writers who write out the entire episode script), fabric, and maybe the judges get paid. The models are competing as well so no payment, no real cast, if they’re smart they’ve arranged some sort of deal with places like Mood since it’s a lot of publicity for the store. There’s the set, which is essentially a room, some chairs, and the plain white runway. Do they pay the guest judges?

This leads me to the question of how fashion week works. Who organizes it? Do the designers apply and get accepted or rejected? Who makes those decisions? Who pays for it? Does the show have to pay for a room for 5 designers to show (remembering that not only the top 2 or 3 show but all of them so that people don’t know who the final members are, fashion week precedes the season).

For the people who won this current season, since the show aired so much later than the actual season was filmed, does that mean the winning designer had to halt their career? Do they get the money etc as soon as a decision is made or is it reliant on the show airing? Do people (say, in the design world) know who the winner is already?

Finally, why do people always say “now the competition will get tough” whenever someone gets kicked off? The competition, those who are actually good, remain the same number post elimination. If the show starts with 4 out of 10 very skilled designers, after a few are eliminated, 4 talented designers still remain. At that point the competition isn’t really any tougher than before but the elimination is more questionable…Theoretically, they are all skilled, seeing as they’ve been chosen out of thousands to be on the show. Seeing some of the designers here and there, you have to wonder how good–OR BAD–the rest of the talent is.

Anyway, that was a bunch of random thoughts, but I really like this week’s challenge (designing characters from movie genres) but I’m disappointed in the lack of Fantasy option. Think of what a good genre that could be!


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