Cougar Town

My friend said she was excited to see Cougar Town and that she thought it looked funny. Though I like Courtney Cox, the commercials (what few of them there were) didn’t really appeal to me. But I decided to try it out since she was so excited and I figured maybe I was missing something. So I watched the episode this morning…not impressed.

Cougar Town revolved around a divorced mother who wanted to score. Apparently no men her age are looking for women her age, forcing her to resort to younger guys, much to the embarrassment of her son, for a number of reasons. Meanwhile she has a best friend who is married and “forced” to sleep with her husband, a somewhat younger friend who tries to get her to enjoy life, and a neighbor across the street who sleeps with tons of younger girls.

I didn’t laugh at a single joke, much less crack a slight smile. It just wasn’t funny. It was trying too hard and all the jokes had been used before (even just in the episode of How I Met Your Mother where Barney tries to get an A from Marshal’s teacher).

Well, I tried it, but I certainly will not be tuning in next week.


4 Responses to “Cougar Town”

  1. cindy Says:

    hmmm. i wasn’t sure what i thought about this show. i found it mostly absurd, but i definitely laughed. it takes place in a hyperbolized reality. and i think the son is absolutely fantastic. as an actor and a character. the show reminded me a little bit of the short-lived “In the Motherhood” which most critics hated, but i really enjoyed. Just fun TV for the sake of TV.

  2. sarah Says:

    It was ok…won’t go out of my way for it…I love the girl that is married with a newborn…I loved her on Scrubs and it looks like she won’t be back on it if ABC does new episodes this winter. I did enjoy in the motherhood too, cindy!

  3. tainalivingstonszit Says:

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  4. ax20 Says:

    So I’ve given this show a second shot and I’d like to take back what I said earlier. It took the show a few minutes to hit it’s stride, but once it did (basically once it separated itself from the title), it became a whole different show. Not the best comedy out there, but pretty good.

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