How I Met Your Mother/Big Bang Theory

It’s hard to believe that a year ago, I didn’t really watch comedy shows. Half hour sitcoms, without Friends, didn’t really interest me all that much.

And then my brother introduced me to How I Met Your Mother. I caught up on that show in like a week. And then once I was up to date I needed another comedy, so I found The Big Bang Theory. (And from there I found The New Adventures of Old Christine, Gary Unmarried…) Those were the two shows I missed most all summer. I rarely watch an episode more than once. More than twice is saved for special occasions (like introducing a friend to the show). But three or more times…well, I might have seen many of the episodes even more times than that.

How I Met Your Mother has Ted (voiced by Bob Saget but played by Josh Radnor) telling his two kids the story of…well, the title makes it pretty clear. We’re set up to believe that Ted and Robin are meant to be, all the while knowing that they can’t end up together because 1) the whole show wouldn’t make sense then and 2) she’s referred to as Aunt Robin in all the voiceovers. There are hints here and there of the mother (did we catch a glimpse of her in the End of the World episode?) and now we know, she’s connected to his college class. Will she be a student, a visiting professor, a stranger who wanders in for a moment, a drop out? So many options. Has she been planted randomly in the room and the camera sweeps over her every so often? The Where’s Waldo of it only makes the entire thing better.

And then there’s the Big Bang Theory, four geniuses living across the hall from a blond beauty. (If you think the laugh track is loud, that’s because it’s a live audience, btw.) Sheldon is by far the best character. I will never look at knocking on the door and saying someone’s name the same again. (Knock knock knock Penny, knock knock knock Penny…) Kaley Cucou is back in a role she’s more suited for (more like Ten Simple Rules than Charmed). And then they finally do it and…it’s weird! And it has the best theme song ever!

I’m so glad they’re back. If you haven’t watched, better get to it!


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