I don’t understand what people’s problems with this show is. No, it’s not as good as season one. That’s what happens whenever something that feels really unique is extended. Think of The Matrix. The first one was AMAZING! The second one…not so much. The sequel or the second season is no longer that unique storyline, it’s just a continuation of something we’ve already seen and without that shock factor that people have grown used to, everyone’s upset that it’s not there anymore.

That being said, the show is still good. (Granted, season two had it rough with the writer’s strike and all, but even that wasn’t too bad.) It has some moments that are confusing, largely because so many times we see something and then a change in the past leads to a different future than the one we see. Like whatever happened to that Irish chick? And will we ever see dangerous, black-haired Claire? (Butt kicking Claire is way cooler than whiny blond, though she she has her moments.)

I love ths Sylar-in-Mat’s head thing. Is Mat crazy? It it really Sylar? Is it just guilt?

The whole Peter obsessively saving people I’m okay with, though him keeping a wall of newspaper clippings is kind of…well, the opposite of what you’d expect. A real hero doesn’t keep track of his successes, he keeps track of his failures.

Ali Larter’s storyline gets sort of more and less ridiculous as the show goes on. Each of her individual characters work, but the fact that they can just kill her off and bring her back in the form of one twin or another, is just silly. And now her character can’t really be killed unless she’s caught by surprise (like, in the back before she knows anything’s coming)? The knife seen was really cool though, where he cut her face and it just turned into water and reformed.

Whatever happened to Myka and the cousin who was a mimic? And where was Mohinder this episode?

There are also some inconsistencies here or there (like Nathan flying away while the Haitian was right next to him), but since we don’t quite understand how certain abilities work (like the question of Claire’s blood or Sylar’s for that matter). And what was the deal with Peter’s abilities only working one at a time before?

My only real issue is that of killing off characters. For example, is Nathan really dead? For now. Maybe. We don’t know if a) there’s any time limit to how long it takes before Claire’s blood is no longer effective (which reminds me, why didn’t they just use her blood?) and b) Hiro’s no longer opposed to changing the past so what’s to say he won’t save Nathan?

But regardless of the many issues, I like it. I enjoy the characters, the graphics, even the webisodes. I loved last season’s storyline about all the mutants being rounded up by the government (sure, it was a little X-men, but whatever) and can’t wait to see where things are going now.


2 Responses to “Heroes”

  1. sherby57 Says:

    The important thing is that you’re still enjoying it!! Don’t let other peoples opinions annoy you, they are only opinions.

    That said, I’m struggling a bit with the show myself. I think there is still the kernel of a decent programme in there, I think they probably just need some focus. I discuss Heroes briefly, here: http://poursomegravyonme.co.uk/2009/09/25/the-soap-effect/

  2. sarah Says:

    I thought the same thing about using Claire’s blood to save Nathan!! I was yelling at the TV about that last season…I still think Nathan will be alive and/or Sylar will return in full force…I liked Claire in college with that insane over-achieving roommate and her new psycho friend(the girl from the Nanny and Californication) I think that is going to be a good story line as she exposes Claire…

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