Grey’s Anatomy

98% of the season premiere was really good.

Breaking out into hysterical giggles during George’s funeral, having Bailey so upset she can’t work until Arizona of all people gives her a Bailey-worthy pep talk, Callie walking in on Mark in the show and both of them acting like it’s no big deal and then Lexi asking how gay she is on a scale of 1-gay, Christina and Hunt’s therapy sessions, Meredith unable to cry until George’s belongings are carted away…there were so many excellent moments to the first episode of this season.

I’m actually really impressed because the show has kind of lost a bit over the last season or two (particularly Izzie having sex in a hallucination with Denny). The story about the girl in the boat accident was particularly well done. It’s rare that a show focuses on the people who survive and how they feel about being “so lucky to be alive” when it means they’ve lost so much of the life they had. It raises so many interesting questions like is it better to die or to live in pain? Is it really living if you can’t do anything you used to? How do you go on when you can’t move your arms or legs, dance or do something else you love? I’m a sucker for accents, so that helped, but I think the actress did a fantastic job and I hope she sticks around for a bit, a recurring patient.

I knew about the merger between the two hospitals: a way to bring in some fresh blood in the cast and to replace some people who will be going missing for a bit this season, but I wonder how they intend to play it off. Of course there will be the job cuts, but I wonder about the other stuff, rivalries, politics…and Callie back under the chief. Will this help the hospital’s ratings?

So, if it was so good, where did I take off the 2%? Well, for one thing, the drawn out voiceovers for one thing. I really don’t like voiceovers, if you haven’t noticed. They have to be really clever, really unique, and really informative in order to be worth the way they slow the pace and interrupt. I’ve never really cared for Meredith so while I enjoyed the marriage on a post it note jokes I just don’t care about her. And finally, I spent a good portion of time hoping that the girl who George died saving didn’t become an permanent cast member on the show.


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