Ruby: Smells Like Teen Spirit

Ruby is sitting on the kitchen when one by one the rest of the family takes over what she was doing (eating her food, listening to her music, etc) until she yells. David says she’s right, she should have her own private stuff. Then she notices he’s wearing her shirt.

Ruby gossips with a girl (it’s Rose from Privileged) about first kisses. Ruby’s never had one. It’s Ruby’s first friend. Jordan interrupts to have them look at a dead whale. It turns out he’s been listening in through the vent. They kick him out.

Ben is on a domino kick though they don’t know why. David comes in to hide out from a woman who thinks he’s going to propose because of a pact they made seven years earlier. Ben was punched in a butt by another kid, which is why he’s upset. They tell him he can’t hit back. Audie accidentally knocks over the dominoes.

Ruby and friend Kristin are at a silent film festival alone, talking when Jordan interrupts. Jordan asks Ruby to get popcorn but when she returns because she forgot her wallet she finds Jordan and her friend kissing and she’s upset.

Ben’s still upset when he gets home. He was punched again. Patrick goes to teach Ben to fight secretly.

Ruby’s still mad about Jordan and Kristin. Audie advises them to learn to share (and shares an awkward story).

Ruby interrupts Kristin and Jordan’s date, enticing Jordan with gossip and a movie. Ruby says she’s sharing, Jordan says she’s stealing. Jordan steals her back with the offer to make out.

Patrick and David anxiously await Ben’s return from school. Ben kicked his bully back and when everyone laughed the bully started crying. Patrick tells Audie. Ben reveals that the bully was a girl.

Jordan keeps interrupting his kissing time with Kristin to talk about Jordan. He feels bad. Meanwhile Ruby tries to find a new friend. Molly seems to like nothing though. Jordan interrupts and then Ruby makes an excuse not to hang out. Jordan informs her that he and Kristin broke up because it didn’t feel right. Jordan brought Ruby a knock before entering sign that used to be on his own door. Jordan wants to ask Molly out.

David meets with the bully’s mom who intends to beat him up. He runs away.


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