WHY VOICEOVERS? WHY? Who is doing the voiceover? Well, if it’s just the one time, okay.

Is it weird that the guy who played Kyle on Kyle XY is suddenly dating a mother of a teen?

Most awkward vibrator conversation ever. I’m so uncomfortable.

Unlike in Charmed where they get their powers by their grandmother dying, apparently here it takes 50 cents. But it’s interesting, these random strangers who don’t really like each other and are drawn together by other worldly forces. Oh, and a creepy man arriving. It’s like Charmed for adults.

Bonding over hummus. (Orli, this show is for you!)

And then there’s the evil man, a manipulator who is exactly what each woman needs. Well, he can’t be all bad if he saves Roxy’s daughter can he? Well, the head of the historical society seems to think so.

I really like it. I’m such a sucker for fantasy.

The magic:
Kat- earth (earthquakes and a green thumb from what we’ve seen so far) or general nature (she also hits her husband with lighting)
Roxy- precognition (in dreams)
Joanna- persuasion (of men only)

The Witches:

Cher, Susan Surandon, and Michelle Pfieffer

Cher, Susan Surandon, and Michelle Pfieffer

Lindsay Price, Rebecca Romijn, and Jaime Ray Newman


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