The Good Wife

Julianna Marguiles makes yet another attempt at a new tv show, this time about Alicia, a woman who returns to practicing law (AGAIN A LAWYER) after her politician husband’s very public cheating scandal. She makes a great start…coming late to the meeting. She gets compared to Hilary Clinton. She gets relegated to pro bono because despite her previous law record (top of her class and 2 years with the most billing hours), she hasn’t been working for 15 years.

I don’t know how I feel about this show overall. Despite only catching the tail end of her time on ER, I’ve always enjoyed Julianna Marguiles, post Clooney, so I’m more than willing to try it out. I enjoyed Canterbury’s Law though like Philanthropist, it didn’t give enough depth to the main character (losing a child is devastating but it is not a personality trait!). Perhaps it just never had the time.

I like that she gets continually beaten down (though she can’t seem to get a sentence out without an objection so you can’t help but wonder how good of a lawyer she actually is) and yet she doesn’t lose her fire. The way she solves the case is interesting and makes you worry a little bit about general police proceedings.

The question, why did she stand by him? We don’t get to see much of the husband in the first episode which is a shame but I think that will change with time.

This is a more grown up show than most things on television so I wonder how it will stand up to with viewers.


2 Responses to “The Good Wife”

  1. sarah Says:

    I did want to watch this, but my Tuesdays are full…please tell me “Mr. Big” is the cheating husband…too ironic! Let me know if you think it’s worth watching and I might check it out.

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