Hell’s Kitchen 10

Part One:

The guys have no qualms of telling Suzanne that they don’t want her on their team. The women worry about running a kitchen with only three people, especially with Sabrina’s inconsistency. (Anyone else wonder why Tennille has to yell whenever she speaks to the camera?)

Challenge time. Ramsay speaks to the group from the Araxi restaurant where the winner will run the kitchen. He flew ingredients from the Whistler region so the chefs can work with the things they would normally use while at the Araxi. They must use all 15 ingredients without repeating any, to make 3 dishes. The women ignore Sabrina when she talks and she gets annoyed. Suzanne is ignored on the men’s side as well. The women’s team discusses what to do with the lamb (though Sabrina points out that it’s venison). Two and a half hours pass in like two seconds and suddenly it’s judgment time. Ramsay returns from Araxi with Olympians Sasha Cohen and Johnny Moseley.

Dish 1- Kevin vs Ariel, Ariel’s sauce is too think and the blue easily win the olympian’s votes. 2-0 men.
Dish 2- Tennille vs Dave, Ramsey is shocked when Tennille delivers venison and calls it lamb, she stumbles around trying to say what it is but she doesn’t know. (Dave is such a monotonous speaker.) Despite her faux pa the women win tying the score 2-2.
Dish 3- Van vs Sabrina. Sabrina actually has lamb. Van can’t get out the words of what he made. (Sabrina whispers the answer to him.) Blue wins 4-2. (Suzanne’s all smiley as though she did something.)

The punishment- milking cows and cleaning the pig pen. The guys laugh until Ramsay tells them to stop. They get cowboy suits to work in. Tennille stop yelling at the camera! She’s also surprised that working on a farm is hard. Ariel is afraid of pigs because she was attacked by a pig at the county fair when she was little. Tennille starts gagging at the pig manure smell.

The reward- great restaurant and a beanie. Suzanne says she feels good about being on the blue team. She does a lot of the confessional explanations…They get grill cheese sandwiches? (What permanent damage do we think Dave is doing to his hand?)

Dinner service is tonight. This is a menu challenge. Each team creates three appetizers, entrees, and desserts that will go head to head for the restaurant. The women are having issues as they dislike Tennille’s suggestions (not fine dining enough). The blue team discusses and gets along very well as they suggest dishes. The blue team is ready with time to spare while the women struggle and no one on red is satisfied. Time to present anyway. Blue runs through theirs and Ramsay approves. Red’s turn and Sabrina says she’s not happy with Tennille’s plan which Ramsay says it isn’t very creative. More confessional yelling from Tennille. The blue team is chillin in the kitchen while red fights.

Service begins. Voiceover points out that Sabrina didn’t offer a dish. Tons of tickets go to the blue kitchen. Finally red gets one. Coordination between both kitchens is required because they have to serve the whole table together. Tennille serves a bad garnish. Van serves the wrong number of scallops and gets yelled at (Dumbo!) Food on the red side is returned because of cold pork. Ariel gets yelled at too. Van gets black charred bits on his scallops. Ariel’s food is returned cold again. Dave lifts a pan with his bad hand and did something bad to his arm. He asks to see the medic and says he’s in horrific pain. He worries about his ability to perform but he heads back to the kitchen anyway.

Both teams seem to be doing well finally until Sabrina falls behind. Van spills and doesn’t clean it up which gets him a scolding. (Van can’t look Ramsay in the eye.) Van falls behind a bit. Tennille starts sweeping mid-service, which puts her behind. Van serves something raw. Both kitchens fall behind. But he keeps serving it raw (Ramsay smashes the fish and it flies everywhere). Sabrina also serves raw fish. (It’s rarer than a sushi bar!) Ramsay calls up both Van and Sabrina for a yelling.

Service ends and no one wins because both teams screwed up. One name from each team is required. Blue discusses. Van messed up, but Van suggests Sabrina because she’s new. Dave says he’ll do whatever the other guys agree. Kevin isn’t so sure.

Sabrina suggests Tennille because they were waiting on her garnish. Tennille suggests Sabrina for not creating a dish. How does Ariel not get nominated after all the screwups she made?

Red team officially nominates Sabrina for previous services. Blue team nominates Van based on the night’s performance (though they do mention Suzanne anyway). Van says he’s not done. Sabrina says she has “everything” left. She says she can mesh with or lead any team. The person leaving is…Sabrina. (Dedicated but not head chef.)

Part Two:

Van’s still upset about elimination but oh well. The teams are combined and they get new coats.

Challenge time, Ramsay is cooking. The challenge is to recreate a dish based on sight and taste. In pairs: Van and Ariel, Tennille and Kevin, Suzanne and Dave. Dave isn’t thrilled but whatever. They must make a fish with four components.

Ariel and Van can’t seem to determine the fish. The fish, and garnish are the same choice by each. The puree, also difficult, does not get agreement (two parsnip one celery root). Final component is the sauce which everyone can’t quite determine. Each team has chosen a different fruit. As they prepare the dish with two minutes late, Van drops the fish on the floor. (Dave is clearly in pain.)

Kevin and Tennille present first then Van and Ariel (very similar presentation) then Suzanne and Dave. Fish was correct for all but no one had the puree correct (it was a white onion). Garnish was missing from Kevin and Tennille’s dish. Only one of the remaining teams got the correct fruit. The winning team is…DAVE AND SUZANNE. (People don’t like her response.) Their reward is going to eat at Ramsay’s restaurant and get to meet the winner of Season 4, Christina.

The punishment is decorating the restaurant. John Phillipe makes everyone unhappy as he gives them directions. TENNILLE STOP YELLING BEFORE I THROW YOU OUT OF THE KITCHEN MYSELF!

Ramsay gives Suzanne and Dave. They get a tour of the kitchen and meet Christina (who looks remarkably like Sabrina). Christina and Suzanne seem very similar. Christina tells them to think ahead and what twists Ramsay may present. Dave constantly makes confessional comments about disliking Suzanne.

Everyone is mean to Dave when he gets back and ignore him when he offers to help. Ok, well I guess they can do all the work while he relaxes. Whatever.

Service will be couple’ night with a tableside service. Kevin is in the dining room. Well, that should make the tables a little easier to coordinate.

Suzanne is all thrilled with hot apps. Kevin and Suzanne must be on point. Suzanne messes up and does one tortellini too few. Which means Kevin’s tableside station is messed up. She serves it finally and they’re back in sync. Van starts too early (his sweat is dripping into the food and he gets yelled at for it).

The kitchen begins working on appetizers and entrees. Tennille steps up both communication and cooking. Van screws up again with the fish and serves it raw. Ramsay calls Van into the back and tells him to get a grip! Next time he’s out. Something is burning in Ariel’s pan. She didn’t realize the burner was on. Ramsay and Scott leave the kitchen. (Who will step up to replace him? Maybe it’s a test…) Surprisingly, Tennille steps up to take control. But Ariel gets annoyed. Dave offers to help her. Kevin plates the food and then heads out to the dining room to do more. Suzanne doesn’t know how to plate the food so she tells Van to instead. Suzanne is worried about putting it out so Van does it. (The kitchen seems incredibly calm now.) Van struggles to keep up on the fish. Suzanne tries to give him a pep talk.

Ramzay and Scott return and tell them to stop. He says he’s never walked out before. He send Van, Suzanne, and Ariel out of the kitchen. Unnecessary since they’d finally fixed everything while he was gone…Van screams and yells. He says he’s done and walks away. But he won’t quit.

Dave, Kevin, and Tennille continue working in the kitchen (Dave stop holding heavy things with your injured hand!). Tennille is told she’s cooked meat better than he’s ever seen anyone cook it. They finish strong. He thanks them and says nothing was their fault. They are all safe. They must choose two names from the three left (Suzanne and Van by any chance?).

Tennille says Suzanne screwed up for not being able to plate food. Then she points out Van for screwing up. Dave wants to put up Ariel because of the burned lettuce (strategically really). Tennille isn’t sure but then they decide on Suzanne and Ariel. Let’s be honest, Ramsay will probably call Van up anyway.

Elimination. They announce their nominees. Ramsay doesn’t agree and asks Tennille if she does so Tennille says Van should be up there. So he;s called up as well. Van whines and complains. Ariel is safe. Van and Suzanne have both been up 3 times. Going home is VAN.


One Response to “Hell’s Kitchen 10”

  1. sarah Says:

    Burned lettuce?? Come on, like that sunk the kitchen…that pissed me off…mad props to Tenille for sticking up for Ariel and mad props to Tenille for coming back after her disasters a couple weeks ago!

    Van was the obvious choice to go…I want to punch Suzanne in the face every week…her and Dave’s ‘date’ was hilarious thou and him telling her to be quiet when she was getting all snotty about the passion fruit puree

    My prediction….Dave(if his wrist holds up) vs. Kevin in the finals…maybe Ariel as a darkhorse if Dave can’t continue…?

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