Greek: High and Dry

Roommate and boyfriend when youve only just started seeing each other...?

Roommate and boyfriend when you've only just started seeing each other...?

Panhellenic meeting. Dry weekend starting. Casey mumbles it’s lame but she’s overheard. She says it’s ineffective. But she’s informed that all houses caught drinking will be socially exiled for a month. Casey suggests having something to do since the whole point is to prove they can have fun without alcohol.

Rusty and Cappie discuss the Kappa Tau’s underground wet party. Someone calls Rusty anchor because his low grade is helping the curve.

Ashley tells Casey her escape from dry weekend plan. Casey reveals that they can’t because each house must host a dry party. Fisher is still trying but Ashley resists. With no alcohol they’ll need good food so fisher will have to work.

Rebecca shows up at Calvin’s when he’s wrapping a gift. She wants his help to get Ashley to forgive her. In comes someone looking for Grant. It’s Whitney who lays a big kiss on him.

Rusty gets home to find all of Dale’s belongings on the table. He plans to put his God related items in storage for the time being. Rusty is upset about people calling him anchor. He suggests that he get known for something else by doing an outside project. He goes to a professor to ask if he can sponsor a project. The professor says he doesn’t sponsor projects because it’s a waste of his time.

Calvin is upset about Whitney. She’s staying apparently.

Casey and Ashley are at a bar and Ashley desperately wants to find a new guy. Both Evan and Cappie stop by. Casey has to patrol dry week which makes Ashley upset. Evan texts Casey something.

Katherine and Casey talk about the weekend. Casey asks if she could go with someone other than Evan to patrol with. Katherine is considering Casey to be on Panhellenic board.

Beaver is upset about dry week. They can’t afford to be on social probation so they will not be partying. Cappie suggests that Rusty asks many professors for a sponsor, he only needs one to say yes.

Calvin arrives at his room and Whitney is there alone while Grant showers. She wants to talk to him because her relationship with Grant is off. And she finds Calvin’s birthday gift and thinks Grant is cheating on her. She suggests he stop by Grant’s birthday party with a date.

At a book signing, Rusty scopes out professors while Cappie scopes out boys. Rusty wonders about the guy signing the book but Dale says forget it. Rusty wants to try because a big name professor would really help his reputation. Which means he promptly embarrasses himself.

Casey and Evan patrol awkwardly. The geek frat house had pot brownies that Casey and Evan eat unwittingly.

Cappie flirts with someone who blows him off for being an idiot. He has a plan, he and Rusty be each other’s wingmen.

Calvin and Rebecca talk. Calvin says he has a secret to tell her, he and Grant are dating. Rebecca is shocked that Grant’s gay. Calvin’s upset that Grant’s keeping his gayness a secret because he came out in sophomore year of high school. Rebecca says he has to be patient and let Grant do it his own way.

ZBZ party. Ashley and Fisher talk, she wishes he wasn’t there. Fisher says he won’t stand in her way. Casey suddenly feels sick. She and Evan start feeling the effects of the pot. Karaoke starts. Casey notices all the cats in the ZBZ house.

At the party, it turns out Dale already has the sponsorship from the professor Rusty wanted. Rusty is upset at Dale for screwing him over. Why can’t he sponsor both? It might ruin focus. Dale agrees though. Rusty gathers the courage to try again.

Ashley flirts with a guy and Fisher interrupts. Ashley wants to send Fisher away. Ashley doesn’t believe that Casey’s high because it’s not something she does but then she searches for her and can’t find her. Fisher refuses to leave now. Casey and Evan hide so that Katherine can’t find them. They stay in the shower smelling shampoos. Casey gets sad about their bad relationship. Evan was surprised to see her for patrol. Evan says when he’s around her he remembers all the bad things he’s done. They reminisce about freshmen year. Evan reveals that he told Cappie not to date her at the end of the world party. (They don’t seem high anymore…) Evan wants to taste her pinacolada shampoo.

Rusty approaches the professor with his project idea. The professor says he only works with perfect students but he can assist Dale.

Calvin and Rebecca have a double date with Grant and Whitney who wants to open Calvin’s gift. Calvin insists no so he says he’s gay and therefore the gift is inappropriate. Grant asks for some time alone with Whitney.

Ashley yells at Fisher for being “the good guy.” She wants to punch him but says it won’t feel him any better. She punches him anyway. Everything he does reminds her of the guy she thought he was. He wants to make her happy. He quits because he thinks it’s what she wants.

Katherine shows up asking why Casey didn’t patrol all the houses. Ashley says she was fixing the karaoke machine. Evan stands up for Casey and says she would be a good addition to panhellenic. Katherine figures out that they’re stoned.

Rusty and Cappie talk. Cappie felt dumb around the girls. He tells him it’s not fair that someone made him feel dumb. No one can make you feel dumb without your consent!

Ashley and Casey talk about Fisher quitting. Ashley admits missing him. She thinks she wants to try trusting him but she made a rule about cheating so what does it say about her. Casey says deciding to forgive someone can be a sign of strength.

Grant returns from his coming out moment. Whitney had known something was up. Grant is relieved and sorry for pulling Calvin into everything. Finally he opens his present which is a picture of the two of them. He loves it.

Fisher comes to pick up his final check and Ashley says they’re looking for someone to take his spot…him. He’ll prove he can be trustworthy. Probationary at first.

Rusty’s original professor wonders why Rusty turned down Larson and agrees to sponsor Rusty. He likes Rusty’s idea.


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