Defying Gravity: Eve Ate The Apple

Sept 2038, two guys listening to music at some sort of computer place when they hear something strange. They’re monitoring something and begin looking into the noise. (Beta?) The origin of the signal is Mars. Another is coming from Peru. The signals are identical and linked. They’re answering each other.

The crew walks into the storage bay which is a shiny color. It doesn’t look like anything other than overly bright. (Lame voiceover about kids wondering about aliens in space.) Almost sunny. But there’s the creepy noise. They follow it to something that Ted opens. More glowing light and something floating that I can’t identify. An alien? Ted’s never made it this far into the room. Paula thinks it’s beautiful. Everyone at the base on Earth can see it too. Which means everyone has just upped their security clearance. Wass exclaims that its fractal and there are 7 such containers with only one full. There are more sounds above. Where is it coming from? The crew leaves though Jen remains to watch and touch. But when she reaches it’s gone. (It’s like playing Marco Polo.) They wonder, is it coming from Venus?They realize they’re supposed to be collecting those creatures. (There’s one at every landing site they’re supposed to come to.)

Ted and Donner discuss when they learned about Beta. The crew will be briefed now.

Back in the academy it’s time to make their first impressions to the world. 6 years, 7 planets. If the press likes you so will the public and know that the corporate sponsors choose their favorites now. Goss tells Donner and Ted they can’t speak to the press at all. Meaning the odds of them being candidates drops. Eve points out that this is about the new mission. They’re the obvious strong candidates in her mind.

The briefing. Eve says they will say everything but hold questions till the end. Eve explains her role in the project.

She was a relief worker in the area where one of the objects were. Eve had a hard time acclimating in Peru and couldn’t sleep. She started hearing the sound, only at night. No one but her hears it. The music was a song from her childhood (she’d just lost her parents btw). So she decided to find it. (The voiceover part here is pretty bad…) She followed it until she was standing over the music. So she dug with a rock. There’s a helicopter above and they take her. Young Eve looks like she’s about to cry. The people threaten her and then insist that they show her where it is coming from. They dig where she says. As they get closer it gets louder. The music stopped suddenly, the ground shook, a bright light shot out of the hole. And then we see the floating silvery thing come out. (I guess it got stuck during the landslides in the area?) I hate that they call it an object when it’s clearly a living thing. Eve was linked to it then. She’s told to keep it quiet and return to camp. She ran back to the camp. This can’t get out to the public just yet.

Zoe asks what happened after they uncovered the object. They want the reports and information. Beta was the object in Peru, Alpha is on Mars. The others are on the various planets that they are meant to visit. Zoe asks what happens after they collect them. Either the objects will tell them or they will have to figure it out.

Jen asks Rollie why he didn’t tell her. He says he wanted to. He says she couldn’t have left with him because she was chosen. She doesn’t feel chosen. She asks if it communicated with him. It didn’t. He says he’s there for her but she points out how far away he is.

Paula pulls out her bible (she says she trusted in god to decide if she was meant for the mission). Nadia finds the music irritating, it’s not what she came up to do. Paula thinks this is just a sign of God. (Those that hear the trumpet will be saved and those that don’t will be damned. Jen doesn’t hear it does she?) We cut between the crew in space and their interviews with the press five years earlier. Zoe stares at the object. It’s not a good idea to stay around it too long because it has radiation. Zoe and Donner wonder about their dream. What’s the plan? The reason for everything…AJ also thinks it’s god related. All are on destined paths.

Donner looks at Mars on the computer and talks to AJ. He’s wondering if the landing sights are different.

Ted asks Eve if anything else is being hidden. Like what the things want. He feels like he barely knows her. Eve had thought that when the object was taken away their connection would fade but she was worse.

(The crews get their own personal story time.) The object communicates through hallucinations. Mintz wants to know if she had any guilt over it. Eve says she’d play the music thinking she made it up though she couldn’t remember it. (By 9 she’d auditioned for Julliard and got a full scholarship.) The violin was her life and every time she picked it up she’d pick it up to play her song. At 16 she was invited to play at the philharmonic but her family died before making it. She never played violin again.

Wass hasn’t had a hallucinations. Mintz asks if everyone’s was guilt related. Paula says she has no guilt because all her sins are forgiven. He thinks the information might be important.

The military came back to get Eve because apparently the object was dying (and so was she in a sense). She says there’s no escaping the object. And then signs off. Way to be ominous. Jen is pissed. Does she has to lose everything she’s planned? She storms off to do work.

One guy from inside sits outside and over comes a reporter trying to get information. (He points out how much money was pulled out of relief work to fund this program and therefore the public should be kept informed.) The guy walks away.

Zoe is surprised by Jen’s reaction. Wass compares it to learning about sex. Jen stares at the tomatoes and grabs some shears.

AJ informs Donner that coordinates will be uploaded planet by planet. Nadia figures out how to get the other sights and sure enough one of the sites is where Mars was. Well look at that, they were connected. (Mars was to pick up Alpha!)

Eve urges Mintz to get everyone talking. Jen cuts away all the vines because they were sucking up the water supply. Supposedly.

New security passes are handed out on Earth. They’re level 12 now.

Paula is obsessive with her bible. Jen stares at the object. Mintz cuts tomatoes. Zoe asks how Jen is. “Fine, just processing.” She asks if Zoe feels connected and Zoe says yes. Eve plays the song again on her violin. More of the creepy music that sounds like a whale. Jen doesn’t see the object at all.


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