Accidentally on Purpose Pilot

Billie wants to win back her boyfriend (her boss) but he walks in with Meg Ryan. Her sister says she should forget about the rich boss. (Oooh Christina from Ugly Betty) She’s at a bar and stopped by a group of younger guys who want to know which one of them she’d like to be stranded on a desert island with. She ends up flirting with him for a while and he takes her back to his “bro-partment” (Remember when Ross was dating his college student and they made all the jokes about how young she was? That’s all I can think about here.) Back at his place there’s more flirting (lots of quick talking) and of course they end up having sex on his futon/bed to tribal drums. (There’s only a moment’s hesitation of “I never do this.”)

She leaves a post it note on his forehead as she leaves in the morning. Outside the room are the other guys.

She talks to her sister and friend about how great sleeping with him was. He calls her and they have sex again. 5 weeks later and she’s taking a pregnancy test. She’s pregnant! (Which of course we know since it’s basically the title of the show and certainly the point.)

She didn’t use a condom. Her sister asks if she did it on purpose and she thinks maybe she did. Billie thinks she may never get a chance so she decides to keep the baby (“how you gonna tell the baby baby daddy?”) She goes to tell him the truth. He’s shocked and then says he wants to be involved. (Knocked Up much? Though the younger guy, Zack, isn’t so gross.) Zack’s dad walked out on him so he wants to be there for the baby. Apparently the prospect of I love you scares him more than the baby.

Zack goes with her to the meeting with the doctor. They see a sonogram of the baby. She suggests he stay with her until he finds a place to stay. Despite intending not to sleep with each other again…she finds Zack in her bed, naked. But she tells him no.

Boss flirts with her at work and tells her she’s GLOWING. He’s thought about them and thinks he’s ready to go to the next level with her (living together–sometimes at one place and sometimes at the other’s). He misses her. Zack brings her lunch and he reveals that she’s pregnant. Zack and Boss start fighting (but Zack is so sweet about it, defending her honor).

She gets home to find all of his friends over. They’ve broken the fridge door. She wants him out. Until she sees he started putting together the baby’s room. He can stay for now.

Zack calls to her from the floor in the nursery. They agree to be glad to have met each other and he offers to make breakfast.

I didn’t even intend to watch this show but because of dinner I missed the first few minutes of House so I figured I’d watch this at 8:30 instead. I have to say I’m impressed. A lot of people don’t like Jenna Elfman but I think she did a good job here and was a little less bizarre than usual.


One Response to “Accidentally on Purpose Pilot”

  1. cindy Says:

    what is not to love about jenna elfman? i have missed her on tv since dharma and greg went off syndication. and keeping the faith? awesome!

    i didn’t love this pilot or hate it. i read terrible reviews, though, and i’m not sure why. it was cute, there may be potential. but there were a few too many unnatural jokes and it seemed like perhaps they were trying too hard. it was as though they were testing to see which jokes would actually work. but maybe they’ll have figured it out by episode 2.

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