Starmaker 5

They toast to Angel and are impressed by how much Laurieana improved. Melody is all whiny about losing her friends and she knows the judges don’t love her anymore so she doesn’t know where to go. They’re glad there’s no more “Melody and Angel” to complain. They wonder how Melody will cope because she talked too much about the others.

Again about image. They are going to be featured in a spread of Modern Home & Living. It’s a celebrity home a lifestyle magazine. They have ten minutes with their photographer. Use whatever is the artist’s thing. The first couple are stiff but Lauriana doesn’t have any trouble. Liz has trouble. Melody is awkward and does a lying down thing. They don’t say anyone’s names which makes it hard to follow a bit. Todd pretends to smash his guitar. David holds a guitar and jumps off the couch. Monet is a little sexy to the point where David wonders if he shouldn’t watch. Then the group gets a group shot.

Song selection time. “Go safe you might go home.” The choices are: Lenny Kravitz’s American Woman, Jason Miraz’s I’m Yours, All American Rejects’ Move Along, Robin Thicke’s Magic and an Original Song) Melody is shocked that no one wants the original song. David chooses it and says he has to write it now. Melody tries to talk the guys into fighting and removing other people’s names…

Jordan complains about Melody. In comes Melody to say “if a man has something to say he should say it” but when Jordan says she complains and she says she never complains. Ask anybody. He says nobody would say because they don’t want to deal with her. She says he’s not a man. He yells. She says he’s going home anyways so it doesn’t matter.

Laurieann training time. Omotayo closes his eyes too often. She thinks Todd is unique and looked great by the end. David’s wrote a song called “Never.” It sounds like it was a good choice from what we hear. He’s playing piano and nervous. Laurieann worries that he’s holding back because he doesn’t trust himself. Again she’s hard on Jordan.

They get the picture of themselves and are all excited about it. It comes with a letter that says they’re halfway through the competition. Performance time. Everyone’s taking chances. Jordan fears going home.

A strong performance of “Magic” by Christopher John. He gets positive feedback from the judges but is told he should have stepped up earlier. He’s amazing according to Laurieann, who calls Tamara a hater.

Omotayo performs “American Women.” He’s told he’s flat and didn’t interact with the crowd well.

Todd was dubbed the one to beat last time. He does “Move Along” this week. This is a very him song though it doesn’t really show off talent as far as actual voice range and what not. But he’s got the crowd going. (He’s a little screamy but the crowd doesn’t seem to care.) He gets a huge applaud. Back stage Liz says he’s so cute. He’s a star in the making and he gets better every week.

Jordan does “I’m Yours” which is definitely my favorite song option. He seems to finally be doing a good job. I can’t tell if Melody’s expression says he’s terrible or awesome. The crowd loved him but he had issues. Tamara asks what he did to the song. He didn’t hit the notes. Laurieann says you can’t teach someone to communicate a feel good message. Great job from her.

Original Performance by David now, called “Never.” No one can argue that he didn’t take a risk. It’s a pretty nice song. He killed it, according to Rodney. Tamara agrees he’ll never have to deliver pizzas again if he keeps going like that. Laurieann showed everyone that anything is possible and that his performance was phenomenal.

Omotaya worries that he might go home.

The boys are brought onto the stage. Christopher John, Todd, and David Bennet are asked to step forward. CJ wasn’t the best or the worst so he’s safe. He’s got to put more work in to win. David and Todd were both the top performers and both can be pictured in music magazines. They’re safe as well, of course. Omotayo and Jordan are in the bottom. Rodney says he’s starting to wonder if they had what it takes. Omotayo says he’s been consistent before this week and Jordan says he’s been improving. The group has agreed that Jordan is going home. No surprise there.


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