America’s Got Talent Finale!!!

I know, I know, this is super late, but better late than never right?

Out come the judges with their typical lights and cheers. Who do the judges will win? Piers, unlike previous years, has no ideas who, any could. Sharon looks about to cry and says the night is bittersweet but she can’t wait to see the results. David (continuing in the “Hoff”isms) doesn’t really say anything intelligent but ok.

Singing “Don’t Leave Me This Way” is the top ten. This only confuses me since not everyone in the top ten sings. I guess they do now/don’t have a choice? Well, Grandma Lee just talks and out comes Thelma Houston who isn’t part of the show at all really. Internet sensation or something? Oh and the dancers dance and Recycled Percussion plays their “instruments,” that makes sense.

Leona Lewis is on now. I don’t think I knew she was discovered on a talent show (The X Factor). I also didn’t actually know she was British so…I like her though I don’t care all that much for the song she performs for the finale.

Then we get a performance of…I don’t event know what to call it really. Poor acts? The Audition Allstars apparently.

Cirque du Soleil performs which is pretty cool. Hear so much about it but never actually saw it before. I didn’t realize it was a whole performance with singing and dancing, I always just thought it was just a fancier version of Barnum and Bailey’s Circus or something. Some crazy costumes in this performance and some cool tapping which I think is the highlight of the whole thing.

Filler about how awesome the show and contestants are. Time to narrow the field a bit.

Hairo Torres vs Barbara Padilla. Well, this one is pretty obvious though I liked Hairo as well. Maybe people can’t relate to opera? Even with that I can’t imagine her not making it. Sure enough Barbara Padilla makes it in and she looks utterly shocked.

Laurence Beaman vs Voices of Glory. Not sure what I think here. Voices of Glory isn’t consistent enough yet but I don’t really like Laurence Beaman. The act taking the next spot in the top five is The Voices of Glory. Well, hard to be bitter when it’s such cute people making it through. (Judges give a standing applause, as does the audience.)

Texas Tenors vs The Fab Five. I hope it’s the Fab Five. I don’t like the mix of styles the Tenors do. Sadly The Texas Tenors make it through.

Kevin Skinner vs Drew Stevens (the judges are whispering about something). This one is also pretty obvious as far as decision goes. Moving through to the top five is…Kevin Skinner.

Grandma Lee vs Recycled Percussion. Once again, I wouldn’t even hesitate to choose Recycled Percussion. I have yet to laugh at Grandma Lee’s jokes so I don’t think she even deserves top ten much less top five. She’s got a pretty big fan club in the crowd but Recycled Percussion makes it through. (Yay!)

Piers thinks that a number of the acts could have won previous seasons (even the ones already eliminated) showing how strong this season is.

More about bad auditions. David is very showman throughout everything. Then the judges talk about each other. Sharon loses her judgment when someone hot goes off. Piers is funny when obnoxious. And he loves the buzzer. He has a ten second attention span. David is “hoff” his rocker.

Shakira sings her new single “she-wolf.” I’ve never liked her all that much but I’m impressed that she manages to stay upright in those heals. Though her dancing seems worse than ever. More awkward than anything else.

Top five…more weeding out. Going home first of the top five is Voices of Glory. They handle it with dignity and smiles. Sharon cries and tells them it’s just the beginning for them.

The act finishing in fourth place and leaving is…The Texas Tenors. David says they’re well on their way. “It’s only the beginning.”

Finishing in third is…(I like them all now!!! Though I think Kevin Skinner is the least talented of the group) Recycled Percussion. They’re proof that small town boys can make it to big stages.

Piers thinks Barbara Padilla and Kevin Skinner are super different acts and the dream playoff. He can’t call it. Let’s see.

Rascal Flatts performs now with their fourth song to debut at number one. I don’t know what else they sing other than “Life is a Highway.”

100,000 acts are narrowed to the bottom two. We watch a bit of their journey.

Is it time for the winner to be announced? Nope. Susan Boyle performs “Wild Horses.” It’s her first performance in America ever. (How awkward that they show a girl making a face.) She actually doesn’t look bad when she was younger. I kind of can’t believe she didn’t actually win. She had a bit of a nervous breakdown after the show but now she’s better and more confident. This is once again an example of someone whose talent I see but whose style is not something I enjoy.

And now, to announce the winner. Winning $1 million and a 90 minute act in Vegas is…KEVIN SKINNER!


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