America’s Best Dance Crew Semi-Finals

The one thing odd about the opening credits for this show is that the clips of the dance crews are not very impressive.

Top three crews are We Are Heroes, Massive Monkeys, and Afroborhike.

One crew is safe the other two must battle for a spot in the finale. The crew that is safe is…Afroborhike. Well, that’s a surprise. I expected anyone but them really. This week’s challenge is the Decades of Dance (trendsetters throughout dance history). Afroborhike must show a mastery of 5 dance styles (Lady Gaga, Usher, Up Rock, Paula Abdul, and James Brown). They do a really good job, not all the best dancers (sure wouldn’t win SYTYCD) but still good. It’s kind of like watching cheerleading where so many songs are mixed together that you can’t figure out what is what. Shane Sparks said great concept but they weren’t in sync and not well done on the James Brown moment. Not strong despite the good tricks. Lil Mama felt as though they walked through it to get through it but they killed the Paula Abdul section. They took the easy way out overall. JC congratulates them for making it through to the finals. They have great moments. That performance didn’t blow them away and they have one more chance to do that tonight.

Now for the faceoff. The judges can only offer one crew a spot next week (unless the judges change things, as judges on shows are wont to do).

Massive Monkeys are first. All the crews get the same groups apparently. They do some cool moves but there also seems to be aa lot of repetitive movement also which gets irritating too. (Also, anyone ever notice there’s one guy in their crew who looks super old?) In the beginning I thought this crew would win but now I’m not sure. Lil Mama says not very difficulty but definitely in character for each task and energetic. Cool, fun, flowing, not exciting. JC says the James Brown section had sloppy arms, good Lady Gaga but not difficult. Surprisingly her liked the Paula Abdul part which was thoughtful and creative. Shane says what he wanted but they have to kill EVERYTHING from now on.

We Are Heroes goes now. Everyone seems to have some difficulty with the James Brown part. Oh not a fan of their outfits at all. I really like them and I hope they make it through. Sad because Massive Monkeys is also pretty good but if I had to choose between them. JC says they’ve been fighting all season and that performance was fantastic. There was a part that looked like slo-mo flipping. Shane said they’re versatile and keep everyone into everything. They took nothing for granted, great. Lil Mama said they felt the theme, they fit each section and “did their thing.”

So what does that mean? Which one will go through? The judges will confer during the break.

Time to find out. The crew going through to the finale is…WE ARE HEROES!

Remaining crews will perform one more time tonight which is cool.

Afroborhike wants to show their roots and show that Latinas can win. They created the music for the performance. It sounds more like a tribal African dance. The guys look pretty tribal but the girls don’t really at all. It had some cool parts though I don’t think this was their best performance.

We Are Heroes is next. They want something strong, exciting, and super hero style. They add fire into the mix. Oddly, I don’t think this is their best performance ever despite it being their style but it’s pretty cool. The judges even give them a standing ovation.

Live finale next week. Shane says Afroborhike were the underdogs who made people fall in love with them despite their unusual style. JC says he’s glad that no matter which team wins, a female will hold the trophy for the first time. He’s impressed by all the adversity that We Are Heroes has overcome. They have a never give up attitude. Lil Mama says both have broken cultural barriers. (Both crews have non-American members.) She hopes voters vote fairly and honestly. (That is the most unclear comment ever, but ok.)

So what will all of next week’s episode be?


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