Survivor Samoa

Survivor has only gotten better as the seasons have gone on (save for the misguided effort to divide the teams by race, that was just silly). (Though topping the All Star season is tough because it was full of sneaky experts who orchestrated some of the best blindsides in show history). But the amount of blindsiding that goes on has increased exponentially, making for a show where you never quite know what to expect.

We’ve had people creating false idols, people pretending their grandmother died, and in this season, a multi-billionaire pretending he’s a Hurricane Katrina victim who lost his dog and spent two nights on the roof of his house before being rescued. He also made “Alliances of the Stupid People” where he lied to a bunch of girls about having an alliance with just them and said he was a firefighter. Some of the girls wised up but too late, as one girl, who approached him about being uncomfortable about seeing him talk privately with so many people, was voted off. That same liar also intends to make everyone else’s experiences miserable (hoping to control their thoughts by controlling their emotions) and empties everyone’s canteens in the middle of the night. He does realize that he could get really screwed if they ever find out or if his team loses every challenge, right? It won’t be very pleasant if he loses every challenge. Either way he’d better watch out, he’s got a cop who doesn’t trust people on his team who is already weary.

This season of survivor seems to be shaping up to be just as exciting and unpredictable as ever. Will there be any couples? Can the liar sustain all his lies? How many blindsides and false idols will there be this time?

The one question I’ve always had: People tend to leave their immunity idols lying around camp in their bags. Often other team members have discovered the idols while the “owner” is no where to be found. Why doesn’t anyone just take it for themselves? (Best blindside ever would be keeping it and then getting that person to “play the idol” without it.)


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