The Beautiful Life

After being initially skeptical, I was actually pleasantly surprised by this premiere. I’m not sure what I expected but having never liked Mischa Barton, I didn’t expect all that much.

CW's Gone Riskier Than Ever This Year, Will It Pay Off?

In the modeling world we have up and coming star Raina (sixteen year old) whose dad is about to be released from jail and who doesn’t approve of her career choice, Chris the newest discoveree by Simon (who is apparently actually just trying to play boyfriend to him despite him being straight), and washed up star Sonja who disappeared from the scene (not so subtly hinted that she had a baby–not the drug rehab everyone thinks). There are some others, a drug dealer who gets caught, a catalog model trying to do better, an overly powerful agent, etc. And of course, we have the model house. At this point I don’t know who all the characters are, but I appreciate that they introduced us to so many different people (while most shows take a few weeks to introduce the rest of the cast).

The end was somewhat corny and Raina and Chris being a couple is not only too predictable but a little too quick. But if those are the only problems with the show (especially for a CW show) then it’s not too bad.

Faces we’ve seen before: Nico Tortorella (Razor on Make It Or Break It), Mischa Barton (The OC), and Corbin Bleu (Disney Channel).

It’s nothing brilliant, but as a fan of America’s Next Top Model, it’s interesting and sort of new in the sense that most model shows are reality tv and this is scripted. Time will tell which one is better.

What did you think?


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