So You Think You Can Dance Season 6

Auditions is a little too hard to recap considering the way some people are on screen for seconds and they don’t show you everyone who is going through, etc. But we do get to see some exciting moments.

The definite highlight of Week One was Bianca and Ryan’s tryouts: It’s the season of the tappers though, as another great tap dancer joins the Vegas group. (Also, anyone notice the pink haired guy in the video when Bianca and Ryan reunite? He’s also from last season, though I cannot remember my name.) Week one has Adam Shankman as the guest judge. (Oh exciting, he will apparently become a permanent judge starting with the Top 20!) I really enjoy him as judge, he gets so into it. I’ve been following him on twitter recently, he’s a big fan of pics in tweets. There’s a greta performance done by Mollee Gray, a principal dancer in all three high school musicals, who will be going straight to Vegas. Does anyone notice that way more girls tend to get put through to Vegas than guys? Also, in the preview for next week, there was one particularly shocking moment. They were saying that season 6 is better than ever. “Bigger than ever” specifically, zooming in on a very heavy guy at that moment.

Week Two begins with the “bigger” than ever performance which had judges laughing hysterically. Mia Michaels is guest judge and she seems to be a lot nicer this season. (Maybe she saw how rude she was last season and figures she should check her attitude before everyone hates her.) There is a hearing impaired girl named Allison Becker who dances with the vibrations of the music. By the way she dances you can’t tell that she’s deaf. Her technique isn’t as good as Nigel would like yet but she’s fantastic and joyful. Mary Murphy cries because it reminds her of her cousin who was in the same position and passed away. Mia wonders what makes her love dance since for her it’s music (Allison says it’s music as well she just hears differently). They put her through to choreography and she makes it through. We also get same sex dancers again–they want to show that there’s a world of same sex dancers now. During their audition Nigel says they have great lines, Mia looks like she’s praying. Mia cries! Mary’s proud. They’re sent to choreography and make it through along with 12 others.

Week Three starts on a high for the guys (we see three guys go to Vegas including one who does an interestingly awkwardly cool dance to “If It Kills Me.” I miss Jeanine). Tyce Diorio guest judges. He’s one of my favorite choreographers but I don’t love him as a judge. He hasn’t got a huge, loud personality (except for the weird kicking thing he does at one point). Channing Cooke is the only girl we see (she does a tumbling pass on the beach which I would imagine is really tough since sand makes it hard to get height). She makes choreography, which I think is mainly that she’s not a very good choreographer herself. This whole making fun of ugly and fat people in previews is so not okay. We’ve got a giant (he’s 6″8′!) who tap dances, imagine him and Jeanette together!!! YEAR OF THE TAPPERS! Well, he doesn’t make it in the end, but still. Ah, what about a krumper, I would love if they brought that style into the show more (more krumping, popping, and step). We’ve got a married couple. Is it just me or have we only seen like 5 dancers, 40 minutes into the episode? We might have a new Sex. He’s so cheesy. Though his dancing is better. Tyce gets mean.

Week Four- Part 1 is in Atlantis. Lil C is the guest judge. Billie Bell is 19, he’s told he’s got a swayback. The judges say no to choreography. Vegas instead. Then we have yet another great dancer who can’t connect to the audience. She only gets to choreography then though she makes it through to Vegas later. The performances seem to get worse. We get an Adam Shankman look alike who even dresses like him. Fun but not skilled. (Why is it that we get fewer funny women/bad women? Do fewer try out or are they just less out there?) Brothers from season 4 are back, more trained than before. They each seem to be better and worse at different parts. Nigel says he likes seeing people come back. They’re much better. Nigel sends them to choreography so they can learn more (he’s pretty sure they’ll get through) but only one brother seems to do well and only one makes it through. There’s also Jessica Jensen (she has one hand due to cancer). She’s got so much energy. I wonder if it throws off her balance or anything. (She was back in the studio two weeks after losing her hand.) She shows a lot of passion. She goes through to choreography (let’s see how she and her partner work this out). Then there’s a guy who nicknamed himself “Extra” who should rethink his wardrobe. We have another guy who went through special ed among other things (his mom’s a drug addict and he was raised by his aunt).

Week Four- Part Two! Didn’t even realize it was two nights in a row but awesome! We’re in New Orleans now. Lots of talent that we see right away. Nigel isn’t around. Guest judges are Lil C and Adam Shankman. Self taught guy gets sent to choreography. We get to watch Mary’s Rules of What Not To Do (as demonstrated by Adam Shankman).

Week Five.
Last audition city: Salt Lake City. Bryan Boyer starts things off, a B-boy who does some moves that looks like they should hurt but don’t. Nigel says it’s one of the best hip hop routines of the season. Choreography. Tristy was in 25 car accidents in 3 years always as the passenger. Her dancing is a wreck too (sorry for the bad pun.) Mia Michaels is the guest judge btw though we haven’t heard much yet. There’s a burlesque women who basically does a strip/stage dance. A woman with a weird haircut named Yvetta gets a “she’s amazing, isn’t she” from Nigel. Vivacious. One girl loses a toenail but gets ticket to vegas.


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