Ruby 50 Ways To Heave Your Mother

Ruby struggles with the tent (the family will be going on a camping tent next week) and none of them help out. It collapses and she yells at it just as David and Patrick’s mother enters the house. (The theme song is longer than usual.) It’s a surprise visit for David and Ruby. Patrick tries to get his mom’s approval but she clearly favors David. She brought Ben and Jordan money but gives Ruby gum. Ruby’s room was the old guest room. Ruby offers it “grandma.” Her grandmother wants Ruby to call her Mrs. Gallagher. Ever the optimist, Ruby takes it in stride.

Ruby pumps up the air mattress while saying she doesn’t think grandma likes her. Ruby plans to sleep in the room also to share a sleepover party together.Ruby ends up doing all the talking. Ruby tries to keep he from falling out the window (forced humor here) and is instead blamed for attempting to push her. Ruby offers up the whole room and sleeps on the couch.

Auddie is upset by how grandma behaved. Patrick takes to eating ice cream because he’s upset that his mother doesn’t love him as much.

Ruby’s new plan: cook a dinner of her favorite foods. The boys say they’ve only ever been mean to her and she loves them. She tries but that doesn’t work. At dinner grandma asks her to sing then tells her she does it wrong. Her mom ends up needing an ambulance because she’s allergic to wheat. Grandma says she’s leaving because she doesn’t feel safe.

Ruby camps outside to make Mrs. Gallagher feel safe. Auddie joins her. Ben and Jordan join them. Then Patrick comes out. Grandma calls David because no one is answering their calls. David suggests that she hurt Ruby’s feelings. Patrick yells at his mom. It turns out, she’s upset that no one told her about Ruby and she found out because Ruby answered the phone when she called. They both felt like outsiders. Grandma apologizes. Start over.

Patrick dreams of locking his mom in the tent with a mountain lion.

Well, this show will end soon as it has not been renewed like the other new ABC Family shows. No surprise and no loss, I’m just surprised I watched this whole thing…


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