Melrose Place Take Two

So as per my never judge a show by its pilot rule, I checked out this week’s episode of Melrose Place. (It helps that there isn’t really anything else on so there wasn’t much choice in the matter.) Once again, there’s nothing to write home about:

Ella is busy (hurting Riley and Jonah’s relationship while working to save her job after a merger by signing a big name client). Lauren goes on another paid-for-sex date because it’s that or be kicked out of school. Auggie is having a tough time dealing with Sid’s death)he’s got a drunken past, his girlfriend was stabbed to death and apparently he stabbed her murderer to death afterwards) and the police are talking to him now. David is mostly angsty and goes to his ex’s party. Violet gets a makeover courtesy of Ella and Auggie gets her as a job as hostess.

Shock, Violet is Sidney’s daughter. Saw that one coming from the start. She told Sid of this before her murder but Sid denied it, saying it’s impossible and she never had a baby. Just the way Violet talks bothers me a lot. There’s something creepy looking about her. Like an over the top innocence that makes her look fake.(PS- I totally didn’t realize it was mini Simpson.)

For me the most interesting story lies in Lauren, stuck sleeping with men for money because she can’t find another way to pay for school. Of course, her friends have offered to lend her the money but she refuses the offer. Understandable to not want to owe your friends money, but if this is the alternative? And can you have a real relationship with someone who pays you for sex the first time you meet?

Otherwise…eh. Well, Ella is somewhat fun to watch since her character is so devious (but not in a attempted murder like Lauren’s sabotage on Make It Or Break It kind of way) and does not pretend to be anything but a manipulator.

We’re supposed to be kept interested by the whole “who killed Sydney” question but as someone who didn’t watch the original series and had no emotional ties to her in this series, I don’t really care. Her death is no real loss to anyone but a possibly crazy Violet. And Auggie I guess.

Will I be tuning in next week? Depends what else is on. Will you?


One Response to “Melrose Place Take Two”

  1. sarah Says:

    I watched early episodes of the original Melrose and that Sydney line is probably what will keep older viewers into it…my friend told me to catch up on it…but with 90210, Biggest Loser, Hell’s Kitchen(will it move to Thursdays this winter again?) and IDOL and Scrubs slated to come back in Jan. my Tuesdays are crowded, so no I will not tune in, I trust your reviews…

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