Greek: The Half-Naked Gun

Rusty and Jordan make out while being awkward. She worries about Dale walking in, he thinks she wants to know if he was tested, he has to go to lab…Still no sex, but they want to.

Ashley runs the ZBZ meeting where they say that to give support to the football team they’ll run around campus in bra and underwear, called he Undie Run. Fisher comes in to offer cookies, Ashley shuts it down. She then announces that she and Fisher broke up and why. Rebecca tries to suck up through activities report. Ashley cuts them off. Casey is bored with pledge training so they give her pan helenic responsibility too.

Rusty talks to Calvin about how he and Jordan haven’t had sex. Calvin and his own boyfriend haven’t had a date yet. Someone named the Jackal has killed 9 people in Gotcha. Rusty hasn’t even opened his envelope. He doesn’t even have a gun. Calvin says he needs to get in the game and shows him the gun. Rusty shoots Calvin. He had him the whole time. Calvin gives over his target: Jordan.

Casey goes to the meeting where, after an awkward talk with one of the girls they get started. The person in charge, Katherine, is full of the super fake happy.

Beaver and Rusty are the only ones left in the game for Kappa Tau. They don’t even believe Rusty is alive. They need the prize money for the party budget. The jackal is still out there…

As Casey leaves the meeting we hear that they don’t think she’s doing a good job but she’s better than Laura who did it before (Laura left with a slew of curses, etc).

Rusty and Jordan have 5 minutes before he has lab. He’s about to shoot her when she says she feels safe with him and he puts it away. He says he was afraid they might fall into the friend zone. Definitely not, she rarely tries to swallow her friends’ tongues. (PS- Who thinks Jordan is the Jackal?)

Calvin and bf set up a night alone when in comes Evan. So much for a night alone.

ZBZ is moody because they’re dieting for the undie run. Casey says the meeting was great minus running into Evan. But then they find out that the undie run has been given a penalty for anyone who participates.

Beaver was tricked by the Jackal and is out. Who was it? What art student sent him fake tickets that look realistic. It was Jordan. He says he can’t shoot her. Cappie says kill her before she kills you.

Evan makes a speech pro undie run. Casey makes a speech for it. Katherine says it is a negative image. Casey tries to get other people’s support but all are clearly afraid of Katherine.

Calvin and Ashley talk. Calvin says he’s dating someone not out of the closet yet, making things difficult. Ashley suggests going elsewhere. Jordan pulls out her gun to shoot him when Cappy runs in to save him. In walks Rebecca to protect Jordan.

They look for a way to override the pan hellenic vote. Override the decision with 500 sorority signatures. Casey has a plan. It involves Evan’s help, surprise. They get the guys in their boxers to gain signatures. Rebecca says she’s working on fixing things with Ashley.

All of KTT watches Rusty to ensure that he isn’t shot. Jordan and Rusty are the only two left. He’s upset that he didn’t know she was the Jackal. Cappy gives him a speech that gets Rusty pumped. Total Matrix scene with the guns.

Calvin is finally on a date. Except that the place they are is where Evan works. Ooops.

Time to put their plan in action yet with all of Rusty’s guns he misses.

Casey gloats in winning. Katherine says that if she thinks winning is about reinforcing negative stereotypes then yes, she won. Congrats. Be proud.

Calvin and Evan talk. Evan got fired for not singing Calvin happy birthday properly. Evan tells him that he’s given up his trust fund and is broke. Calvin says Grant is not out and they haven’t done it yet.

Everyone cheers Casey on. She’s not as happy about winning as she could have been. Maybe it isn’t the best message. Ashley says there’s no message. Casey decides not to do pan hellenic anymore.

Rusty and Jordan have a meeting where he’s not so nice. Rusty and Jordan want to be together but Jordan and Cappie intercede. She does manage to slip a note to him though.

Casey runs into Evan and she’s quitting. He says he’s surprised.

Cappie finds Rusty missing, despite lockdown. Ha, well done, he hid inside and made it look like he escaped so that he really could. Jordan’s note says dinner, no guns. We’ll see. They don’t really believe each other and every movement makes them nervous. She tells him to throw down his gun, he says she should so instead she gets undressed.

A new lock is installed on all the doors in Evan’s fraternity to protect their relationship.

Fisher still sucks up and Ashley wants him to quit. He says he won’t give up. Casey tells them all to keep their clothes on.

Jordan and Rusty finally did it. She uses the opportunity to shoot him. He’s not angry at her.

Rebecca announces they won. Ashley’s glad for the points but it doesn’t help Rebecca’s case.

Casey managed to turn the undie run into a charitable event. The clothes they take off will be donated. Katherine admits it’s a good start but she will not partake. Casey says she isn’t quitting pan hellenic, she’s just getting started. Casey and Cappie run into each other. Of course. (Evan has a surprisingly unattractive body.) Awkward talk and it’s time to run.


One Response to “Greek: The Half-Naked Gun”

  1. ella Says:

    Oh are you sure ? Jake McDorman (Evan) is a hot guy : cute face and hot body…come on he looks like Jason Dohring : hot guy for me as Scott Michael Foster (Cappie).

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