Gossip Girl: Reversals of Fortune

Chuck flirting (he’s so sleazy looking!), Jenny is lounging with Eric by the pool (she doesn’t want to leave the Hamptons). They talk about something that is a secret about Serena, which they promised to keep for her. Dan and Rufus talk, apparently she took a vow of silence for a month?

Nate making out with what’s her name from Privileged in a helicopter. He asks for her last name and number but she gives him only that they are both going to Columbia. They discover each others identities, they’re families are mortal enemies!

Chuck with the girl, staging it for Blair. She’s jealous and yells at her. The second the blond is going they make out.

The family arranges the rooms and Serena pulls up. She isn’t looking well. Dan calls Vanessa to cancel some plans (she’s with the half-brother). At breakfast Rufus reveals that they’re meant to go to a charity. She leaves to shop with Blair but not before Dan says he knows what happened over the summer with her. Serena’s evasive. Dan shows her party pictures and wants her to tell him the truth but she leaves.

Chuck and an odd looking Nate talk about the business. Nate hasn’t heard from his family in a while because he skipped out on the internship. Chuck says see Bri Buckley regardless of her family. Be who he is.

Serena and Blair catch up. They wanted to keep things interesting and decided on the “cheating” look. They avoid silence.

Nate is as surprised as Serena about this. Nate warns that if this isn’t something Blair does want it could be bad.

Vanessa and Dan talk. She and Nate hooked up once but no big. Vanessa wants him to meet Scott (the half-brother) who she likes. Dan has a fancy designer wallet and lots of money courtesy of Lily. Despite what he told Vanessa, he gets into a limo.

Rufus is informed that the press is sorting through the trash. Rufus wonders why Serena is still being followed by press and Jenny and Eric cover poorly. He sees the magazine and wonders who the guy is.

Chuck comes in and Blair wonders why he’s late. He suggests the jealousy act and she agrees despite clear hesitation.

Serena avoids talking to Carter by pretending her shirt came untied. That’s…clever…Certainly a way to move beyond her old reputation.

Nate’s family still tries to get him to do an internship so he decides to date Bri.

Vanessa wonders why Dan lied to her. Scott defends him (brotherly love?) but she’s not following it. Scott suggests getting spots for them to the charity event.

Blair rejects all the models and reveals that maybe she doesn’t like this game anymore.

Eric and Jenny get to the loft and think it’s smaller. How is Lily? Not great, she’s away with sick grandma. They worry about Serena. She gets home and Dan and Rufus waiting. Serena tries to talk her way out of it. She says she’s done, it was just a wild summer. He accepts. Serena gets to start off the charity. Carter was in lots of pictures and she says he’s been stalking her and she’s scared of him. (Come on Serena! Using him.) Dan calls Blair for help.

Scott talks to his mom about being ready to do what he wanted.

Party time. Nate is with Bri and he introduces her to his grandfather. He’s then pulled away. Chuck and Blair together, they’re not still in the game. Scott spots Rufus and finds a way away from Vanessa who approaches Dan only to be interrupted by Blair. Scott introduces himself to Rufus. They serve Carter with a restraining order only to learn that something other than what they think is going on. Serena gets on a horse and Carter follows her as she rides off. Bri is upset with Nate for not telling her that it was a family event. Her family isn’t speaking to her at the moment and she wants to change that. Nate agrees to a secret relationship.

Carter has caught up to Serena and they spar words. She’s upset because her dad didn’t want to see her after they searched for him for a month. She nearly cries and of course kisses him after he gives her something about how great she is.

Nate’s grandfather says he just wants him to be happy: date whoever, work wherever…His grandfather provides them with car keys to leave unnoticed. Of course the second they’re out of sight, he dials to say he’s found a way to deal with the Buckleys.

Blair searches for Buck and finds out he left with a blond girl she saw him talking to.

Vanessa tells Dan she’s leaving because she’s upset that he ditched her. She makes him feel bad and he dishes it back.

Carter walks out of the treeline without a shirt to find people there. He searches for Serena.

Blair gets to the apartment and searches for the girl. She asks if they need games else they’ll be boring and he says they can’t be. He’s only Chuck Bass with her. He suggests they stay in.

Vanessa is upset but Scott says they are good people. He clearly wants to talk about it. Vanessa kisses him instead. (Her hair looks off, btw).

Rufus, Jenny, Eric, and some guy are all in the apartment.

Blair and Chuck role play rich woman and waiter.

Nate and Bri make out in the car.

Serena calls a number that doesn’t respond. She leaves a message saying she will keep trying to get his attention, no matter what.

Rufus buys all the pictures of Serena as far as possible only to be countered by her having the photos of her run in Europe and Asia.

This episode was a lot slower than the usual premieres for the series and I’m not all that thrilled with it. Serena seeking paparazzi to get her dad’s attention is silly. Do you really think your dad who already doesn’t want to see you will want to talk to you if you become another girls gone wild type? What father hiding from parenthood wants a troublesome daughter? There also wasn’t enough lasting mystery. We already knew who Scott was, we find out about Serena’s dad this episode, Bri’s identity is revealed within a few minutes, Blair and Chuck’s thing is dealt with quickly too…I want something more but I’m not sure what. I miss the good old days of Blair and Serena battling.


One Response to “Gossip Girl: Reversals of Fortune”

  1. sarah Says:

    I agree 100%, the episode was slooooooooooow and not enough making us go, “I cannot wait for next week!” I never thought the 90210 premier would beat GGs.

    I think the Serena begging for attention is stupid, he clearly wants nothing to do with you, get over and love your 5th stepdad, Rufus.

    Scott is creepy, and is only into Vanessa(she doesn’t annoy me quite as much as Emily and Annie, but it’s getting there…) to get to Dan-obviously.

    I am most interested in the Nate/Bree storyline right now…we all know how fabulously dirty politics can get!

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