90210: To Sext Or Not To Sext

Naomi flirts with a tech geek to find out how to send the picture of Annie to everyone anonymously. Silver wants to apologize to Dixon but is advised to give him a little more time to cool down. Dixon tells Naveed he’s free and relieved to be done with Silver. Naveed is jealous of Teddy who is super popular already. Annie is being mopey in the bathroom and of course Naomi comes in and tells her she’s about to make Annie’s life hellish. Annie remains silent. Liam apologizes and Naomi doesn’t care but Liam tells her it wasn’t Annie that he slept with. Then who? Speak of the evil sister she pulls up but he doesn’t say anything.

Liam comes home to find Naomi’s sister at his house, saying it’s best if he stays away from Naomi because he caused her emotional distress last year and Naomi is finally beginning to heal.

Adriana hears Silver leaving a message for Dixon. She tries to pretend otherwise. She’s supposed to wait a week. They’re both working on the Blaze, newspaper, of which Naveed is editor. They plan to improve the paper from last year when it was drove into the ground. A bunch of guys leave when told they can’t smoke weed in the office.

Ryan (teacher from the high school) pulling up to Casa De Clark. Naomi’s sister is supposed to be on a date but “oh no she double booked!” She feels sick about it! Come in until she has to leave. She flirts until the guy “old friend” comes to pick her up.

In the newspaper meeting they are looking for a new feature. Rumor of Annie’s nude picture. No. (But Silver is nice enough to call Silver about it even though they aren’t speaking.) What about an interview about Teddy who plans to go pro tennis player in a year. But he has a no interview policy. (Naveed breathes a sigh of relief.) Adriana says she can bring him around.

Naveed tells Dixon about Annie’s picture and Dixon says he’s done dealing with Annie’s crap.

Naveed tries to get out of the Teddy piece but Adriana insists (it’s not okay to write about Annie even if it’s anonymous).

Liam’s mom wants him to join a team and stay away from Naomi, regardless of Jen. If Naomi tells him to leave her, he should. His dad threatens him that if he steps out of line he’ll get him sent to jail. (Apparently he stole his dad’s patient’s files last year.)

Adriana begs for an interview and Teddy says of course. He’s being flirty and wants to know what’s been going on in her life. “Not much, give or take a pregnancy.” He asks if the baby was Naveed’s. He asks if she’s okay now and she says yeah (anyone else think the actress looks like a different person this season? prettier for one thing).

Naomi asks the tech geek to show her how to send the text, agreeing to even have lunch with him. Adriana says something about doing that, even to Annie, would be evil, which gives Naomi pause.

Ryan’s playing basketball with the principal and they talk about relationships. As long as you’re in the game you have a chance to win.

Annie approaches the guy from the party and asks if he took pictures. She starts crying and smashes his phone only to discover that Naomi has a copy of the picture.

Surf team tryouts. Teddy, Dixon, and Liam tryout. Dixon asks why Teddy is trying out. This is his first love and way to blow off steam. NY vs LA talk. They’re surprised to see Liam. Liam tells Dixon he didn’t sleep with Annie but Dixon doesn’t want to talk about her. These surfing scenes are not nearly as cool looking as they could be.

Ryan leaves a gift and note for Naomi’s sister.

Annie, angsty, wants Liam to tell Naomi the truth but he says she didn’t believe him. Why didn’t he tell her? It’s complicated. If he doesn’t tell, Naomi will ruin her life.

Interview time with Naveed and Teddy. Why is it on camera? They’re writing a paper. Naveed is MEAN. (Reveal: Teddy got kicked out for getting caught with two naked girls in his room.) Adriana looks pissed.

Annie asks Naomi not to send out the picture. She’ll do anything. Admit it! Annie admits it just to make her happy.

Adriana yells at Naveed for attacking Teddy. He denies so she leaves to the beach with Teddy. Well, that was clearly the wrong course of action.

The girls watch the boys surf and Silver thinks that Dixon will make it and be in a good mood, a good time to talk to him. Liam is sure he won’t make it but he does.

Ryan finds Naomi’s sister at his office to thank him for the gift (a necklace). They lock the door and make out. Really not all that interested in Ryan. Especially without Silver’s sister.

Silver tries to call Dixon but she sees him ignore her call. The guys talk about how girls never say what they mean but guys are straightforward. They encourage Liam to try harder because she told Adriana she’s not over him. Adriana and Naomi pick up Silver (who is a wreck) and Naveed apologizes to Adriana. He doesn’t want her to be friends with Teddy which only makes her matter.

Liam goes to Naomi but her sister responds and says Naomi is out even though her car is there. Liam intends to tell the truth but Jen says she’ll deny it and obv Naomi will believe her not him. Liam punches the door and his mom bandages it up (covering for him with the dad).

Naomi gets back to talk to her sister who says she’s not into Ryan. She’s just dating him so as not to appear the gold digger. That would scare off the billionaires. She hasn’t sent the text, she’s not sure it was Annie. Jen talks her into doing it by comparing her to their mother (who pretended their father didn’t cheat).

Everyone’s looking as Annie walks in. Someone even shows it. Silver says she’ll support her. Annie and Silver make up. Silver doesn’t believe Naomi could do it which creates the rift again. Dixon punches the guy. Annie walks into the AV room where Teddy and Naveed’s interview is playing. Teddy says he saw a dead body of a guy hit by a car. (Annie’s car, as said in one of the comments last week thanks Sarah!)

Anyone else think that 1) summer looked better with longer hair and b) Annie has suddenly stopped being the main character (which I can’t complain about really).


2 Responses to “90210: To Sext Or Not To Sext”

  1. sarah Says:

    Adrianna looks a million times better this year without those awful bangs(I feel they are making her look more like Brenda from the original) and Silver looked better with long hair for sure.

    Surf team and scenes are the stupidest thing I have ever seen.

    As you know, I have NO problems with Annie becoming a minor character…but she pissed me off again being a b!tch to Silver when she tried to help her and insisted Silver was on Naomi’s side…obviously something is going to happen with her and Teddy(who wouldn’t be in a regular high school if were really going to be a pro tennis player soon) seeing everything…a friend told me her character on degrassi had a suicide attempt, so I doubt that will be her fate.

    The Clarks are the best thing about this show, until the old 90210ers return this season and they better hurry up…

  2. Katrina Says:

    hey who ever posted the stuff about 90210 and they want to know about some characters like Kelly well go and check out Beverly Hill 90210 for Kelly’s back story on her life because she was in that show and 90210 is the spin off to it. But it’s a good show you will see a lot of actors you will know like Luke Perry, Tori Spelling [who also returns in the spin off], Brian Austin Green, Shannon [the girl from Charmed Prue]. Anyway i wanted to let you know if you didn’t know, because some people just watch 90210 without know that there’s another show that came before it. Also in Beverly Hills 90210 you will get to see the relationship between Kelly and Brenda and also who Dylan was.

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