True Blood

This is a real drink now. Any good?

This is a real drink now. Any good?

This summer I found the time to catch up on this series, at the encouragement of my younger brother and sister. What I liked about the show is the way it has something for everyone.

My brother loves to play what if. What if Batman fought Iron Man? He likes to see the biggest, most dangerous bad guys taken on by the most extreme good guys. He’s not really into the whole David and Goliath storyline, he wants both sides to be THE BEST. True Blood brings in vampires, mind readers (this week we learn that Sookie is not fully human though what that means exactly is anyone’s guess), maenads, shape shifters, and the teasing of werewolves.

For my sister, she likes the action, but she likes the hot guys (Bill, Eric, Jason, Sam…) and the love story. She’s a Bill and Sookie lover (the current Buffy and Angel ‘it’ couple). While I don’t particularly like their relationship, it does help the story as a whole. It’s weird how sometimes even when things unrelated to them are happening, they still tend to be at the heart of matters.

As for me, I love character. I love to see how people change, how people from dark pasts become good, struggle. Jessica for example, is the perfect character. A teenager struggling with the abrupt departure from her young, sheltered life to the nightlife of a vampire. Is she good or bad? So much debate about whether vampires can be good or not and she is the perfect way to find out. Can she rise above her vampire urges? (As of this finale, it doesn’t look like it…) Sure, Bill and Godric seemed to be above it all but two out of everyone we’ve seen isn’t very promising.

Not your average wedding.

The finale really delivers. What it lacks in the sex department, which was so prevalent in episodes of late, it made up for with surprise, excitement, and heartwarming moments. They did a good job of tying up some loose ends. Gone is Eggs–sadly–in a moment of despair, Andy has his job back, Maryann is done with, Jessica is…well, acting out to say the least, Hoyt has stepped away from the shelter of his mother though what will happen between him and Jessica is up in the air, Tara is once again along and miserable, Sam is looking into his roots, AND Bill proposes to Sookie. Even not liking Bill and Sookie so much, I was sad when she walked away without accepting the proposal at first. And while they’ve answered some questions, it manages to call up new ones and bring us new things to wonder about for next season. Like, who kidnapped Bill? The guesses: Lorena, Eric, the Queen, Fellowship of the Sun, and even rumors of Hoyt’s mother. Will people buy Andy’s excuse for shooting Eggs? Will it be revealed that Jason shot him? (I don’t really understand why they had to do anything considering that Eggs had a knife and was on top of Andy so Jason thinking Andy is in trouble would be sensible.)

I think the things I liked best for this week were:
1- Sam being “killed” and then returning in Dionysus form to dispatch of Maryann
2- Jessica and the trucker as Hoyt comes to make up
3- the proposal
4- Sam’s return to his foster parents
5- Bill telling Sookie he wishes she could have read his thoughts (since it’s essentially the reason she was attracted to him in the first place)

I wasn’t sure where the show would go after Maryann’s death. It felt like the end, but we had 30 minutes left. Though the pace was slower, it still held us with emotion and drama done in a quieter but still earnest way.

What did you think of the finale?


One Response to “True Blood”

  1. Risa Says:

    My husband and I were glued to our seats the first thirty minutes of the show. The second half was a bit slow but I knew that something exciting would or could happen at any moment and it did! I LOVED the finale and am so anticipating the third season. What am I going to do with myself for nine entire months?! *lol*

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