The Canceled List

A lot of shows premiered this past summer and now that they are coming to a close, I thought it might help to look at what did and did not make the cut for another season;

Ruby and the Rockits
Defying Gravity
The Listener (though continuing in Canada)
The Philanthropist
The Superstars

Make It Or Break It
10 Things
Royal Pains
Drop Dead Diva
Nurse Jackie
Dark Blue
Warehouse 13
The Middle
Cougar Town
Modern Family

Miami Social
NYC Prep
Mental (rumored cancellation but couldn’t find any definitive answer)
I’m a Celebrity…
Merlin (though continuing in the UK)
Dance Your Ass Off

Anything I missed? What do you want to see back?


One Response to “The Canceled List”

  1. sarah Says:

    All the cancelled shows make sense…Ruby should have been on Disney(I saw the previews during MIOBI and NEVER watched it).

    I am VERY happy to see Drop Dead Diva returning, I was trying to find out about that…thanks for the info….I knew Royal Pains was coming back and Nurse Jackie(which I am glad about). Never got into HawthoRNe, but am def. a fan of the chick in it from Stick It! Obviously as you know, pathetic or not, most psyched that MIOBI is coming back and before next summer!!

    I only want to see NYC Prep back if they exterminate those brats…Hung was ok but I wasn’t DVRing it…..Overall I think the right stuff is coming back and the right stuff is getting cancelled-but major ouch with defying gravity…not even all episodes and I am sure it was $$$$ to make.

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