America’s Got Talent- Top 10

No surprise, the music they play in the background as they list the contestants it “Let It Rock,” which is one of three songs of summer (“Halo” and “Already Gone” being the other two).

Ten acts are performing tonight. I’m not sure why they changed the day of the finale from its regular night to Monday. Perhaps so as not to conflict/compete with other shows. Monday night does seem to have the fewest fall shows this week.

Show begins with the as always not very exciting judge entrance. I am not a fan of Sharon’s dress but I do like David’s suit. (Nick says he will miss the dramatic entrances, I won’t.)

Voices of Glory performs first and they seem to be better than previous weeks. Piers thinks they could win the competition with the act. Sharon says they delivered. David says hat trick, slam dunk, the best ever! (I don’t think he knows what a hat trick is…)

Hairo Torres is next. He agonizes over the right song choice. (As important for a dancer as a singer in his book and I agree.) In this performance he wants to just show himself and take it back to his finale. His dancing is so weird and creepy but he’s so impressive for his strength and energy and facial expressions. Sharon tells him he took a big risk and gave an emotional performance and she thinks he did the right thing. (I’m so curious to see how he would do with professional choreography.) David says he could be great. Piers loves him but has to be honest and say he doesn’t think it worked. (Boos.) He thought the show with other dancers brought his performance to another level and this dropped back again. Hairo wanted to do something that would make him happy.

Laurence Beaman performs third singing “My Everything.” As I’ve said more than once, he’s not bad, but he’s not for me. Whereas Barbara Padilla sings something I care nothing for but at least she blows me away, I don’t feel particularly strongly about him one way or another. David says he started humbly but he is a star. Fantastic, slick, cool performance. (Finally done with the Hoff jokes.) Piers says he’s the new Barry White but it’s not quite there yet. Fantastic vocals but need more love. Sharon asks how he felt about it (he felt good) and says she thought it was comfortable and natural.

Barbara Padilla singing her audition song is up now. It all sounds the same to me either way so whatever. As always good. Piers thinks Americans sympathize with her. Sharon can’t believe how far she’s come. David says the world is hers.

Fab Five is on next. They say they’re doing moves they haven’t done since they were kids. Not such a fan of their outfits. The music sounds too quiet. They do a great job with formations and of course special effects like fire and fireworks. Sharon says it was beautifully choreographered (choreographed, Sharon?). She says they belong in Vegas but the competition is tough. David asks if they ever stop smiling. He can’t stop smiling watching them. Great energy.

The Texas Tenors are singing “My Way.” I don’t particularly love them either but I do think this was their best performance yet. David says they have guts. Terrific! Piers thinks they’re fabulous cheese. Sharon says triple cheese, perfect vocals, superb harmonies, she loves them.

Drew Stevens follows the a capella performance. He’s good but not great. Piers felt proud of the show. He thought he performed his best ever. A wildcard could go all the way. Sharon says she’d choose him if she were a manager. She seriously thinks his trousers could be tighter.

Grandma Lee‘s turn. She comes in pregnant? Piers’s baby apparently. Sharon says the material got her. They all loved it. I didn’t laugh at any of her jokes, maybe smiled at a couple so…

Kevin Skinner is up now. He wants to do the best he can for the people. He’s singing “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith. Excellent. such a nostalgia song. I saw them perform this concert once, they pulled Liv Tyler onto the stage for it. Not his best performance but still good. David says he could win. Piers says it wasn’t perfect. They say he doesn’t have the best voice but that’s ok.

Recycled Percussion, the group I am very excited to see. I wonder what they will do now. Water and see through shirts it appears. As always crazy and fun. Piers says brilliant and creative. Most exciting and most dynamic. Sharon hands it to them. Hoff says they’re insane. He wants to drum and shower all day.


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