America’s Best Dance Crew 6

This week is the VMA challenges which means they do dances based on some big past VMA performances (Madonna, Chris Brown, NSYNC, and Britney). We get a performance to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” done by the remaining 4 crews. It’s possibly the best performance of the season at this point, guest or contestant. The VMAs are after the show.

The remaining crews are Afroborike, Rhythm City, We Are Heroes, and Massive Monkeys.

Rhythm City vs We Are Heroes, one crew safe, one crew going through. The crew that is safe it We Are Heroes! Rhythm City is bottom two.

We Are Heroes perform first. Their challenge: Madonna “Vogue.” They say they’re thrilled. They say they’re using the attitude more than the dance and incorporating the fans as props. They don’t want to have to be saved by the judges a third time. They’re slightly out of sync at first but definitely pick it up by the time they add the fans. I don’t think this was they’re best performance but it was still pretty fun. Shane loves that they do concepts not just steps. Slow motion of the athletics. Lil Mama thinks they are excellent. She’s honored to see women in the final four again. Not by mistake. Their prop utilization was hot. Stunt, glamor, femininity. JC says every artist tries to make an iconic moment and they really had a moment with the fan part. Overall the performance was just ok for him though. Madonna’s performance:

Afroborike vs Massive Monkeys. The crew making it through is…Afroborike! Wow, Massive Monkeys in the bottom two for the first time. Unexpected.

Afroborike perform. Their challenge: Britney Spears “I’m A Slave 4 U.” They want to use the partnering section of the performance with some Latin flavor. And one of the girls is afraid of snakes, but it’s a new experience. They’re performance is pretty awesome. I like the way they blend their salsa style with hip hop. And out comes the snake. This is definitely the better of two performances so far. Lil Mama says it was their most exciting choreography yet. Other than one moment out of sync, they ripped it. JC says it wasn’t the best choreography but what they did was they sold the performance. They owned it. They’re making people pay attention. Shane tells them it’s the best performance by far, best intro. He thinks the choreography was perfect with an exciting twist. Way to step it up. Britney Spears’s performance:

Massive Monkeys will be doing NSYNC’s “Tearin’ Up My Heart.” Lots of pressure considering that JC is one of the judges. Not all of them know how to pop but that’s the section they like. Ok, this was the best performance. They’re pretty awesome. JC thinks it was one of their best performance, exciting from beginning to end. One of them was out of sync at one point but otherwise great. They even did an homage to No Strings Attached as well. Shane says this was the biggest applause ever on this show with the audience on their feet. It put them on the map. Lil Mama says they turned it up. They used their bodies as a prop. NSYNC’s performance:

Rhythm City is last. Their challenge: Chris Brown “Wall to Wall.” They want to focus on the Charlie Chaplain style. It’s pretty good too. Tonight’s definitely the best night of the show so far. Shane loves the performance because of all of their clean choreography. Great show, harder competition. They lost the focus a bit. They had some good moments but he needed them to smash it. Lil Mama was confused by who was Chris Brown. She thought it was cool and fun. The energy was up. They’re smooth. They turned it up but it wasn’t what she wanted. JC disagrees, he thought it was amazing, ridiculous, passion, power, tight choreography. The cleanest group of the night. He loved it. Shane says don’t forget this is a battle. JC thinks it’s about entertaining an audience. Lil Mama stuck in the middle. Chris Brown’s performance:

Who will be going through? (Massive Monkeys is my guess.) The crew still going on for another week is…MASSIVE MONKEYS!


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