Vampire Diaries

Since I’ve been away since Thursday, I haven’t had a chance to watch one of the CW’s newest additions, Vampire Diaries. Don’t worry though, I intend to watch it. The show generated the network’s best premiere ever with 4.8 million viewers and higher ratings than any other CW show.  With this newest vampire crazy, this isn’t much of a surprise. Whether or not it’s good is a whole different story…

Con- voice overs and diaries
Pro- clever start with the car accident
Con- shrieking girl in the first minute
Con- car crash seems to be used too much
Pro- attractive people, though brooding is not my type
Con- super sappy sister-brother talk

You know Mia on Degrassi? She’s on this show as the main love interest. Does that mean she’s no longer on Degrassi? I’m not sure if I’m glad to have her or not. Never thought of her as particularly great of an actress. She does look older and more attractive on this show over Degrassi despite playing someone the same age. She’s wearing tacky earrings though.

Something interesting about this vampire show is that apparently the sun isn’t a problem for the vamps. Pro or con? I suppose it does open the storyline more, it just seems wrong. They can glamor people though. That bit remains intact. And the quick vanishing act. And the whole entering a house needs permission thing. And super-hearing.

Broody girl, Elena, hangs out in cemeteries because she’s sad about her parents dying. And what’s the deal with the crows? Secret spies? (There’s a series where that is the case called Wheel of Time.) Unlike Emily on Make It Or Break It, Elena is at least pretty enough to warrant attracting multiple boys’ attention.

The reason he likes Elena? She looks like (is the descendant or reincarnation?) of a woman named Katherine from the mid 1800s. Why is he back?

Elena’s friend may or may not be psychic. Supposedly it runs in her family or something and she sees some image of Elena from her time in the cemetery. So she’s Sookie? (By the way, this show is based on a book series that predated the Twilight and True Blood series.)

As with most of the CW’s shows, there is lots of kissing and at least the starts of sex (and likely more as the series progresses). They seem to be going for the racy stuff in hopes of gaining more viewers.

Vampire faces are not as creepy as Buffy faces, though there is a distinction beyond simple fangs.

One problem I have with the show is they present the show as a story about two vampire brothers competing for Elena’s affections, but the pilot makes it seem like a mystery: who is doing the killing? Only one brother is introduced so we know it’s the other (though it would have been cool if the one we see is actually just pretending to be good when he is actually the one doing the killing).

Oh, I see, the ring makes them immune to the sun. They had something like that on Buffy once.

Good enough to stay interested for now. Cut out the voice overs though!!! I know, it’s called Vampire Diaries but still…

Also I hate the whole love at first sight thing.


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