America’s Next Top Model

Calling all short girls!

Cycle 13 of America’s Next Top Model has just begun and this season it’s for girls 5″7′ and below. For the first episode, 32 girls are brought. It’s a screech-filled episode with lots of jumping up and down and screaming.

What’s interesting is that despite the fact that they are shorter than the usual contestants they don’t actually look very short. And there are more attractive looking people than any season prior. (Clearly short girls are hottest.) After a quick head shot, runway walk, and interview, they are cut down to 20. Not making the cut is a modeling coach.

The top 20 do a runway walk with a photo at the end. Making it into this round is a girl with a broken foot (broken during cheerleading) so I’m not sure how that is going to go. While in previous seasons there’s always the one awkward girl, they are all semi-awkward looking this season.

Finally they are cut down to the final 14. One girl was spotted by Tyra’s hair dresser during the Tyra Banks Show and was asked to come to the show. Another is a super-Jesus, hyper girl. Some have sadder stories. One girl, who has a baby, was abducted, beaten, and sexually assaulted. Another was beaten by her mom and wound up in foster care.

At the end of episode one I haven’t got the slightest clue who anyone is really, but for the first time I feel like I agree with every choice. Luckily, there’s a second episode in which they give the contestants “Ty-overs” (aka a makeover done by Tyra–if she started doing what Hasselhoff does on AGT where he ties his name into everything I’ll be upset).

These are the girls (with what little information we’ve been given):
Laura– country girl, grew up poor, castrates cows
Rae-single mother of an 18 month old baby, assault victim
Jennifer– only Asian girl even in the top 32
Nicole– quiet and awkward, bloody eyeball was her nickname as a kid, sort of unemotional about everything
Lisa– replaced Amber who had to pull out for personal reasons, over sexes things
Sundai– went through foster care, at 5″3′ she’s the shortest girl
Brittany– the study girl
Erin– plays Pokemon, self-proclaimed nerd
Rachel-doe eyed girl (the new Allison)
Kara– crazy bone structure
Ashley– dancer and dance teacher
Courtney– broken foot
Bianca– bald
Lulu– gay

Makeovers go over well minus Bianca who, being bald, couldn’t get much done. They bleach her eyebrows and she’s unhappy.

Then comes the photoshoot–editorial version of their baby photos. Rae gets the hardest ones as she’s given point shoes with eight inch heals (in other words to make her stand on her toes) because her photo is ballet oriented. Bianca is a whiner. She’s unhappy about everything!

This week’s guest judge is Chanel Iman (who actually looks like a supermodel, as opposed to a lot of the judges who tend to look kind of washed up and “over the hill”). Not a huge fan of Tyra’s outfit. Tyra says the competition is about stretching what they have to make it look like what they don’t have, fooling the public. In the pictures you can’t really tell the difference about their height which I think is partly a testament to the photographer. Chanel Iman actually gives some good advice about posing which seems to not come from the guest judge very often.

Best photo goes to Rae. Chanel Iman says she wants to copy the pose. Bianca and Lisa are bottom two. Bianca, despite her good photo, for her bad attitude. Lisa for a bad picture and a non-memorable personality. Tyra only has one photo in her hands. That photo represents the girl who will be continuing on to becoming America’s Next Top Model. The other girl must go back to the apartment and back her things immediately. Bianca makes it through.


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