America’s Got Talent Semifinal Results 2

Sorry this took so long to put up, it’s been a long day of traveling and I’ve only just managed to sit and watch the show. For some reason the finale will be on monday next week (an attempt to boost the ratings for another show perhaps?), this seems like a good way to hurt the show’s ratings due to confusion. As said on tuesday, the top five acts will be going through with no judges’ vote. The only down side to this is that the drama of the vote is gone. I’m just curious how often the judges have opted for the lower of the two acts they had to choose between.

Piers says the show is high stakes, shows up to par shouldn’t win $1 million. I thought we were through with the Hoff jokes but we’re not. Unfortunate. I wonder how often we need to get a list of the semifinalists. There are only ten and we’ll be seeing them as they get called up.

FootworKingz and Hairo Torres first. Who do I prefer? I’m not sure, I think Hairo Torres is a little stronger though FootworKingz are a lot of fun. The act moving on to the finals is…Hairo Torres. Piers gives him a little congratulatory speech.

We get a shot of the judges deciding to send both teams through last week. The Fab Five seem to be comforting the kids even though they haven’t made a decision. They sit there saying that the two groups both represent America in different ways. They were the only groups they didn’t want to choose between and both deserve it. David suggests they change the rules and Piers latches onto the idea: “We’re the judges, we can change the rules!”

More Orville Reddenbacher product placement. Think the partying is really before the show? Before people get bad news…They may not want to party after being buzzed. Oh, I guess not since they’re asked specific act related questions.

Eric & Rickie vs Jeffrey Ou. I prefer the dancers though I’m not a particular fan of either. I think the kids have great potential but that they’re not ready yet. In five years they can take on So You Think You Can Dance but right now they lack the technique. America has voted…both are out.

Mario and Jenny vs Recycled Percussion. I like both of these groups though I disliked Mario and Jenny’s performance last light for the reasons that Piers said (lack of excitement/danger, different act). One is safe. One is going home. I can’t imagine Recycled Percussion not making it. Going through is…Recycled Percussion.

Tony and Grammy Award winning performance by the cast of Jersey Boys. It’s a very calm act relative to other ones, but they’re good. Nevermind, it picks up midway through. The judges give a standing ovation (this is the type of act that I think would be best in person) and Sharon is so short she looked like she’s still sitting.

Laurence Beaman, Drew Stevens, the EriAm Sisters, and Barbara Padilla last. 3 of 4 should be making it. Definitely Barbara. I hope Drew Stevens. Then I don’t care, but I suppose the EriAm Sisters. The first act that will be performing in the final is…Barbara Padilla.

Laurence Beaman has made it through.

Drew Stevens vs the EriAm Sisters. One spot left. The act going into the finals is…Drew Stevens.


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