First, for anyone who hasn’t seen Leverage, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! The story of four crooks and an honest man teaming up to become modern day Robin Hoods, while not completely unique, is presented in a fun and interesting and new dynamic.

There’s Parker the socially awkward (one might even say incompetent) thief who spends most of her time crawling through air ducts and bungee jumping off of buildings. Eliot is the muscle behind the operation and while he shows a tough exterior he’s also a softie. Hardison is the fast talking, wisecracking techie of the group who harbors a “secret” crush on Parker. Sophie is the grifter of the group, the actress who can only act when not on stage. Nate is the honest man and mastermind behind it all.

I’m sad that Sophie is gone for the time being. I don’t particularly like her character but I like how she is on cons and how she interacts with the others. On the massive plus side, JERI RYAN! I’m glad she turned out to be more than just a lawyer (which for some reason she seems to play a lot) and I think that was one of the best “stunts” of the show. In a way, they conned the audience.

My only complaint with this season is that there has been less character development and background done than in the other season.

I’m sad the season’s over and I can’t wait for it to start up again. Well, it’s sort of over, there are six more to be aired at some point though I forget when. Thrilled that they added some episodes to the season, I hope they one day expand to a 20-24 episode season.


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