Ruby and the Rockits: We Aren’t The Champions

Humming Ruby enters the kitchen. Patrick harmonizes. As does Jordan. Ben sits quietly. Audie adds some “instruments.” In jumps David, stealing the spotlight. At which point all singing stops. “And that is why the Rockits broke up.”

Jordan plays angsty music for Audie. Audie says she loves it and is so proud of it. But when he asks what his mom and dad think they avoid saying they don’t like it. Ruby comes in announcing that she joined the soccer team and David says he’s going to coach. Until Patrick describes the difficulties and he drops out. Patrick and Audie both accept (Audie is okay doing it together and Patrick wants to do it alone.) Patrick has always wanted a child interested in sports.

Patrick talks to the girls of the team. Ruby is so excited that she keeps cutting into his announcements. Their team is the lions and he got them uniforms.

Jordan talks to David about needing an honest opinion about his music, which his parents won’t give. He starts playing and David interrupts. It’s bad. How to make it better? Get out. “You can’t just tell me my song sucks and then tell me to leave!” He promises to do anything if David will make him good.

Ben makes guacamole for the girls’ team. Patrick seems to be enjoying himself, which makes Ruby so happy. She can’t imagine what the season will be like. Cut to after their first lost: YOU’RE NOT LIONS YOU’RE SHEEP!

Ruby talks to Audie about how Patrick yelled at the girls for an hour. Ben meanwhile is working on being their mascot. Ruby is shocked at Patrick’s competitive side. He doesn’t do anything halfway. He comes in Audie tells him he’s fired.

Jordan and David are in a bar. David says music is the book of life, if your life isn’t interesting neither is your music. He sends Jordan to hit on a woman his mother’s age. Jordan returns covered in water.

Patrick and Ben play Wii. Patrick is competitive, Ben barely cares. In walks Audie and Ruby. How’d it go? Great! So you won? No, we lost, but it was fun. Ruby says it wasn’t fun but she can’t hide that she liked it. Patrick tells them a story about his football in high school years which they both already know about. But he says he has something to tell them: he didn’t catch the winning pass, he dropped it and it cost them the championship. He was too ashamed. The coach never spoke to him again afterwards. He doesn’t want Ruby to experience that.

David and Jordan play power. Jordan’s afraid to lose his money, David says he has to feel the thrill of putting himself out there. (Hustling him?) He goes all in and loses everything. Regret and humiliation. Jordan rants about what happened and David tells him to do it while playing guitar and now he sees he has a good song.

Jordan sees Ruby on the computer. He wants to tell her something about life: we have enough of our own baggage, we don’t need anyone else’s. He gives traveling advice. Ruby’s not really listening. Jordan says he doesn’t mind. Ruby shuts the door on him.

Ruby has something to tell Patrick. They went online and found the coach. They have a videochat with him. His coach tells him it was just a game and he should forget about it. Really? NO! YOU RUINED MY CAREER! Ruby says if his life relied on a game and didn’t have much of a life. Patrick realizes how irrelevant the game was. His life is more than that football game.

It seems they forgot to end the videochat. He wants to pretend Ruby is his granddaughter Amanda because he is lonely. She agrees and he tells her she’s a terrible granddaughter. “Goodbye grandpa.”


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