10 Things: Don’t Leave Me This Way

The girls get to school. Bianca doesn’t want to go in because she made out with Joey. Kat says tell or live with it. She would tell but she prefers to keep her intestines inside her body. Joey tries to be stealthy by awkwardly talking to her behind a paper. She says they just have to say nothing happened. Chastity comes over to her to spread joy. “You know how she’s been dying to make her a cheerleader for months? They’re best friends!” One of the girls has mono so she takes her spot.

Kat approaches Pat to tell him she was drunk and remembers nothing of what she said, but whatever it was, she was joking. He says she was dead serious but he won’t tell her. He wants to save it. They get inside do discover that there’s a new security system with metal detectors and guards. Kat’s pissed.

At home Kat makes a sign “end fascism.” They’re trampling civil rights. She thinks everyone will join her. Bianca shows up in cheerleading uniform. She will never take it off. Kat points out that she can’t because they have to wear uniforms. Bianca’s upset.

In school, Chastity and Joey broke up. Bianca asks why. Joey was possessive about her flirting with the college guy so she cut him lose. When she did, he cried. Worse, they have to wear the stupid uniforms. Kat tries to get everyone’s attention but no one’s taking her seriously because of her partying. Pat doesn’t want to bother helping because they can’t change it. He says if she comes to the beach with him he’ll tell her what she said. “What’s the point, it’s not like I can change it,” Kat retorts.

Cameron tries to drink from the water fountain and fails. Bianca approaches and wants to talk but he says there’s nothing to talk about. He doesn’t know if they could go back to being friends. He guess they could try. She’s glad and says “I’ll see you at French tutoring!” Cameron says she’s transitioning to see her as a viable heterosexual. Michael points out that she’s not into him but Cameron thinks a strong friendship is the best foundation for a friendship.

The principle calls Kat in to discuss her flier, which was not approved. Kat says the only approval she needs is the first amendment. Kat says she will until she gets what she wants. The principal doesn’t like the new policies. Kat says to lift it but she says it isn’t her authority. The superintendent enacted it and if they don’t follow it they lose funding. So if Kat can get Chastity to change her dad’s mind they can get rid of the new policy. But Chastity hates her!

Joey talks to Bianca. He’s happy to have broken up with Chasity and wants to go out with her. She says it’s too soon after their breakup. Chastity never even liked her. He wants to be with someone sweet like Bianca. He kisses her. She says she can’t, she just became a cheerleader. They kiss.

In class Kat approaches Chastity who refuses to talk to her. Kat wants her help. Chastity only gives on makeover a year and she’s done it already. Kat asks her if it bothers her to be treated like a criminal she says no. What about having to wear the same outfit everyday? She hates it! She tried changing her dad’s mind but he didn’t even change his mind when she cried “real tears!” Kat suggests a walkout, but it would only work if Chastity does it. Chastity doesn’t want to make the effort until Kat tells her it will make her a legend. At fourth period they agree. Kat gets up to get their attention btut no one pays attention until Patrick histles and tells them to “SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO HER!” She says they deserve their rights. No one seems to follow so Chastity gets up to get them to cheer “Uniforms Suck!” (I love seeing Kat and Chastity holding hands.)

Joey pulls Bianca away in the middle. He says no one will see them. They’re not very sneaky seeing as they stand behind a window and of course Chastity sees. Cameron sees too and runs away.

he principal tells everyone to shut up and then tells Chastity her father is on the phone. Chastity says if he doesn’t get rid of the uniforms she’ll “tell mommy how she found out that the assistant doesn’t wear a bra!” She hands the phone back to the principal. Principal announces no more uniforms. Kat says there’s more to it but everyone leaves. Chastity has other issues.

Bianca wants to talk to Chastity about Joey. She saw him kissing someone. Chastity is furious about it but she couldn’t see who. Thankfully there are security cameras so she just has to watch. Then they will destroy her together. Chastity gives Bianca a hug for being such a good friend.

Kat and Mandella chain themselves to a tree. Patrick brings them water. She doesn’t drink from plastic water bottles. Her dad shows up to talk. “Now, Norma Rae!” (Second reference today!) If Kat does this she’ll be suspended. He says it will hurt her chances of getting into good school but she says she can’t give up. Mom wouldn’t have wanted her to. He says, no mom would have wanted you to see the big picture. (I just want to say, in a real family where the mother died, I don’t think they would throw her around as their every excuse so easily when it is something that they are all still upset by.) She has her whole life to save the world, don’t give up her dream of going to Brown. Kat’s upset. This isn’t fair, she shouldn’t have to make a choice. He tells her to go back to class. She tells that to Pat and Mandella. Pat’s surprised. “I guess everyone has their price.” They’re both disappointed.

Bianca wants to talk to Cameron. He says he can’t be her friend. He needs time to get over her.

Kat tries to explain it to Patrick. They find the principal and security guard searching his bag. He is told he’ll be suspended if he leaves. He does anyway. Kat takes it from them and is told she’ll be suspended if she doesn’t give it back. She doesn’t care and she joins him. He reveals what she said at the party: Hold My Hair. And then she hurled. They drive away into the sunset, her wearing the helmet.


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