Greek: Our Fathers

Kappa Tau is having quiet study time. Weird. They’re playing silent charades. Dale and Kappy started a book club. They talk about ZBZ’s father-daughter weekend. Jordan wants her to meet his dad. He thinks it will be great until Kappy tells him it will be terrible.

At the ZBZ House they discuss the weekend. Ashley gets along with her dad, texting him everyday. Casey and Rebecca don’t. Rebecca fumbles while trying to explain what happened with her and “Evan.” Fisher’s awkward as he listens and drops stuff. Suddenly Casey says “oh my god!” She’s clearly figured it out. Later Casey asks to speak to him privately. Rebecca interrupts. Casey accuses, Fisher admits it. He blames it on Rebecca who is ashamed. Casey says Ashley doesn’t deserve to be hurt by this. She’s going to assume he loves her and that Rebecca made a mistake and she won’t tell.

Spitter is dressed up to meet the dad. Dale is going to talk to the Pastor about losing his virginity.

Casey picks up her dad. He points out the lower tire pressure in her back tire. They are awkward together with nothing to say. She’s going to drop him off and finish setting up for the barbecue. They make awkward conversation that distracts her and she nearly hits some people at a crosswalk.

Pastor is playing bongos and singing about Jammin with Jesus. Dale’s come to ask for forgiveness. He says if they’re apologetic of his sin then he is forgiven, he has to do his part.

Rusty talks to his dad about meeting Jordan’s dad. He says any father would be happy to have him as their girlfriend’s boyfriend. Jordan’s father comes out and Rusty introduces himself. The problem is her dad thinks he’s Andy (remember the quarterback?).

Rebecca feels guilty and tells Ashley that she kissed Fisher. She adds that Casey knew and said nothing. (Way to turn the attention elsewhere.) In walks her dad.

At the bbq everyone tries to apologize. When Casey tries to apologize the dads interrupt. Ashley doesn’t introduce Fisher at all. Casey and her dad are awkward. Rebecca’s dad tells her that confession of misdeeds is the way to remedy past wrongs. He’s full of annoying quotes and confesses to ruining his friend’s life. Jordan’s dad talks with Calvin. Rusty is upset that he didn’t know Jordan’s dad was a sports nut. Rusty tries to be tough but ends up spilling all over her dad and then tries to impress him. He says he’ll play in the football game the next day.

Dale skipped out on Kappie’s book club and he asked why. He’s disgusted about having sex. Dale sees a Catholic girl. Her religion appeals to him for its definite path to salvation. She invites them to mass.

Rebecca says she confessed to Ashley because she thought Casey would and she brought Casey into it to take some of the heat off her. Casey says it will destroy her. Time for the daughter to father song which deteriorates into a girl fight where Casey and Rebecca want to attack each other and Ashley hates them both.

The fathers then sit them down to talk to them about their issues. Casey’s dad thinks it’s their period. Ashley has nothing to say to either. More fighting. Ashley said she would never betray either one. The dad’s begin to fight about what happened. And storm off like their daughters.

Rusty and Calvin talk about how to get Rusty out of the game. Calvin explains that the fraternity team always throws the game so that the dads can win.So Rusty will fit right in.

Ashely walks up to Fisher and he says he’s an idiot because she’s the best thing to ever happen to him. She doesn’t believe him. When someone cheats on her it’s over. He wants to make it work. She can’t trust him.

Dale and Kappie went to mass. Dale wants to spend time to talk to her about religion, Kappie wants to sleep with her. Kappie says he needs it because he’s in a funk.

Casey comes into Ashley’s room where she lies on her bed. They have to talk. She didn’t want Ashley to get hurt. Ashley says she dumped Fisher, she isn’t like Casey. She can’t stay with her boyfriend after he cheats on her.

Rusty and Jordan are making out and she has a condom. He’s concerned about her dad but when she pulls off her shirt he forgets about it. In comes her dad, off course (don’t worry, they’re all still dressed) and he’s pissed: “what the hell are you doing to my daughter?”

Game day. Jordan’s dad is jump roping. Rusty apologizes but her dad is about to bring the pain and wants to settle it on the field. Casey’s dad apologizes for butting in. He babies her and she says it makes him feel like he thinks she’s an idiot. He says he just wants to protect her, like she wass trying to protect Ashley. Dal and Kappie wonder where the Catholic girl is and when they see her they run over. She says they’re smothering her. She tells Dale he might not be Catholic material.

Game time. Rusty runs as Jordan’s dad chases him. The frat discovers that throwing the game will be tougher than expected. The dads are fighting on the field because of their daughters. Casey approaches Ashley and asks to sit. She says she should have given Ashley more credit, she could handle it and she’s sorry. Ashley forgives her. She meant well and she needs her best friend back. Rebecca asks if “we’re making up now” but they say they’re still mad at her. Jordan’s dad taunts Rusty and he runs and tackles him despite it being flag football. Jack hurts his back.

Casey and Kappie talk. Jordan’s dad just pulled his muscle. Casey is surprised to see the books Kappie is reading about a tragic love story that couldn’t get the timing right.

Rusty asks his dad if he thinks Jordan will break up with him now. Her dad says impressing the dad is a losing battle because they don’t like there being another man in his daughter’s life.

The dads argue about the football game and Casey tells them to act like adults. With her encouragement they apologize. Ashley and Rebecca watch and Rebecca gets up to apollogize. Ashley’s not having it.

Kappie approaches Dale. They are each rebounding. Kappie’s not over Casey despite not being over her. He realizes that nothing will make his funk easier. But there are enough gods and girls in the city. Dale doesn’t want another god, he wants his back.

Ashley ignores Fisher in the kitchen. He saved her a cupcake but she walks away without a word. But on the other side of the door she’s still considering and she peeks back in to see him wrapping up the cupcake carefully.

Rusty shows up to apologize to Jordan. She’s not mad at him. She doesn’t mind her dad not liking him. She likes him enough for the both of them. They start making out again. They decide to wait until her dad leaves just in case he stops by.

Casey and her dad say goodbye. He asks if things were resolved and she says more or less. Don’t let the drama get you down. She could always handle anything and not the world had better look out. Of course, the moment he’s gone the change oil light goes on.


2 Responses to “Greek: Our Fathers”

  1. darci Says:

    “Our Fathers” was such a great episode, and this season is shaping up to be the best so far.

    I thought it was about time Fischer got dumped and it was also a great portrayal of how it gets when parents show up at college (especially dads!).

    Rebecca’s dad cracked me up with all his hypnotist/psycho analyst gibberish, and Rusty taking out Jordy’s dad during the football game was also a really funny moment…made better by the pep talk Rusty gets from his own dad later.

    Also glad to hear the song “Telling Lies” by Great Northern in the last episode, which played near the end when Casey gets all the dad’s to reconcile. Such a fitting song for this episode, I posted it on youtube at :

  2. Diabetic Neuropathy Says:

    i am a certified Gleek and i really love the TV Show GLEE. Diana is very pretty *~”

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