Starmaker 4

The group thinks that maybe Zach was just a different type of artist than Bad Boy was looking for. They think maybe it just isn’t the label for him.

It’s ladies week, time to pick their songs. The options “Rehab” by Amy Winehouse, “Last Name” by Carrie Underwood, “No One” by Alicia Keys, “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson, and “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce. Everyone’s upset that Monet got the song they wanted but she says this is a competition and it’s all about her. Lauriana refuses to get bullied this time and chooses Rehab since she knows that Any Winehouse has a similar range to her. Melody is all pissed again because there’s no rock songs. As such, she chooses the Kelly Clarkson song again.

The group heads to the fashion district since talent is not the only thing needed to create a star. You need to create your own image and so they will receive the help from someone named Eric Archibald. He picks on Liz and Monet’s clothes, calling it tragic. The challenge, they have to grab an outfit that represents the artist they want to be portrayed as and then they will have a fashion show. And don’t forget to accessorize.

Liz of course bad talks Monet’s outfit, which is cute if not something I would wear. Asked who actually pulled it off and the winner is Monet. Liz is all “it’s very Christina Aguilera meets Michael Jackson.” So much jealousy towards this girl. Melody whines about Monet. Only Lauriana congratulated Monet for doign a good job last week and it upsets her. She hates that people keep talking crap about her as though she’s not there. Angel is all “I belong in this competition but not with these people.”

Practices: Angel’s rehearsal of Crazy in Love. This is an example of a song that I don’t think shows off the singer’s voice. It’s all about energy. Problematic for her. Then Melody does Since U Been Gone and apparently she tries altering it again rather than challenge herself. (I’m not such a fan of her.) Lauriana does Rehab which I think she was right to pick. (I don’t think I ever realized this was Amy Winehouse but the song has been stuck in my head all day.) Lauriana is apparently overwhelmed and gets a pep talk about using the energy to be aggressive.

The group decides to go out to eat but Lauriana stays behind to practice. It gives her a chance to get ahead a little bit. Even performing alone she seems nervous. The group wonders what’s going on with her. They discuss the difference between confidence with your voice versus confidence on the stage. They think she’s going to get voted out since the judges will be looking at her particularly closely since she was in the bottom. I really hope she beats them all.

It is time. Melody says she will once again be the one to beat. (As in, from week one.) Angel wants Liz or Monet to go home most because they “don’t stand a chance in the real world.” Apparently this week there’s no guest judge.

Angel is the first performer and thinks her song is the hardest. She starts out well but her energy does not hold up once she gets to the chorus. Liz, backstage, has an intense look that is either worry or disgust. Not sure. Laurieann looks perplexed. Todd backstage says she didn’t move or show enough energy. Rodney says she came out with the walk and swagger but when it got to her vocal it took him back to week one. She has the voice but needs to learn how to bring the emotion through. Tamara says she looks fierce but she didn’t feel it either. Laurieann says Beyonce is full of energy you’ve got to attack that.(She says afterwards that she was shivering on stage from cold. Ok…)

Monet is second. (Kimberly says she was named the one to beat last time and Angel narrows her eyes in disgust.) Monet’s outfit isn’t as cute as the one she wore for the fashion show earlier but she does a good a good job and the judges seem to be enjoying. Is that Melody dancing to her song backstage? Liz definitely looks scared here. Angel says she “didn’t feel none of that.” Rodney says the look is dope. Picking Alicia Keys is risky but she pulled it off. (Cue Anegl shaking her head.) She went to a different vocal level this week. Tamara says she didn’t know she could sing like that, she’s got pipes. Laurieann says she’s had the privilege to work with Alicia Keys but she would be proud of this, Monet made it her own and did a good job. She loves her journey. Melody and Lauriana hug her. Angel glares.

Time for Lauriana who is intent on coming up out of the bottom two. She looks kinda scared getting on but once she begins she has a lot of energy and confidence. The judges are smiling. Angel looks like she wants to make her explode with angry glares. Backstage most of them cheer her on saying “she came back with a vengeance.” Shows what the extra rehearsal can do. Rodney says she was focused, she’s stepping it up and making it hard for the others this week. Tamara says Amy Winehouse is a big risk but she did it. (Liz back stage rolling her eyes.) Laurieann says excellent, this is what the show is all about. Don’t stop. Big hugs back stage and she’s feels great

Melody up. Playing guitar. (She’s very bouncy and I think that’s actually hurting her vocals.) I feel like she ruins Kelly Clarkson songs every time she sings them, her voice just isn’t suited for them. Her voice is deep where Kelly’s are high. They think she was missing the energy (the guitar inhibits). Rodney thinks the guitar constricted her performance and he didn’t feel it. Tamara says she didn’t hit the song like she could have. Laurieann didn’t mind the guitar she minded the lack of passion. She needs more. She goes off stage and cries and when they try to comfort her she wants to be left alone.

Lastly, Liz. It is a country song which is her general style and she sings it accordingly. I don’t actually know the song so I can’t compare her performance to the real thing but she seems to be doing a very good job. Judges are bopping to the music. Well, it’s pretty obvious who is going to be in the bottom. They complain backstage that it was too easy. Rodney says he wants to see how she works on other stuff because she’s got the country stuff. Tamara didn’t see much difference between this performance and the first. She didn’t stretch herself. Laurieann says “it factor!” and “yeehaw honeybunch.” Liz says she has more to offer and she plans to switch  it up next time. It’s pointed out to her that Bad Boy isn’t a country label.

Time for judging. The girls step out onto stage. Who will be the winner? Who will be the bottom? Who will go home? Monet, Liz, and Lauriana are asked to step forward. One of them shined like a star tonight. That is, Lauriana. She brought everything together, chill out with the partying and margaritas and work because she’s the one to beat. Yay, she’s so cute. She reminds me of Laurie Gidosh from Scene 23. Anyone remember that group? Monet and Liz are safe because they have starpower. Lauriana gets big hugs back stage. Now left with Angel and Melody.

Angel says she no one in her family has gotten as far as she has today and people from her neighborhood can achieve something. She doesn’t think Melody or Angel should be in the bottom. Melody says she will sing and perform for the rest of her life. The judges agree that Angel is not ready to be a star. Melody is safe. They hug and cry. She disagrees with the judges decision of course but she’ll be okay.


2 Responses to “Starmaker 4”

  1. Fiyah Says:

    Laurianna Mae and Laurie Gidosh are one and the same. You keep saying she reminds you of Laurie Gidosh, thats because she IS Laurie Gidosh lol lol!

    • ax20 Says:

      Interesting. How do you know? She’s really grown up! (Also she sounds a bit different know but that good just be the different style of music.)

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