Defying Gravity: Fear

Halloween time. Paula’s determined to be ready for Venus and already her thumb is starting to move. They look at Paula and see that she looks pale and her temperature is slightly elevated but no infection in her thumb. The crew is about to make a commercial. Simple, have a good time, exactly what they rehearsed in training. It’s trick or treating in space. Paula is told she’s not allowed despite being insisting that she can. The commercial will earn $10 billion for the program. Oh, Paula looks so sad.

Flashback. Zoe thinks she’s a freak, Jen assures her she isn’t. Everyone is looking at her, thinking she’s done. Jen says they’re amazed she’s moving. She says she’s fine, feeling terrific. She heals quickly. Donner asks if she shouldn’t be in bed and she says no. Zoe doesn’t feel well enough to go to the party that night. AJ comes to say to her but Zoe says he can’t say anything. He offers her part of his sandwich and she jumps at him so he leaves. Eve watches from above and then goes to the room to contact Beta. She feels it connecting to her. The storm and then she sees an astronaut saying go, go, go.

She talks to Ted about the hallucinations, which are caused by Beta. She tells Ted to keep an eye on everyone. In walks Roy, Ted’s and Eve’s son, coming to watch the commercial. He doesn’t want to go trick or treating because the other kids have scared him. Ted says that when he’s scared he thinks about all the candy he’s going to get when he’s done.

Jen wonders aloud about four of the most highly trained minds stepping outside to trick or treat. Donner sees the Mars dirty helmet for a moment. Wass whines about being on the ship during Halloween. Nadia says being in space, Halloween loses its appeal. Paula says it’s a day to honor the dead. Nadia sees a man in the doorway and asks who it is. She abruptly follows, leaving the others wondering where she’s going.

Past Eve and Past Ted look at Ted’s costume. She’s totally flirting with them. I’d think their relationship would totally eliminate him from the running in this program. She wants to talk to him to get to know him. He suggests after work tomorrow. She suggests now. She wants to ask about Mars.

Past Zoe and Past Jen talk. Past Donner asks how she’s doing. He’s dressed up as the baseball player he’s named after. Nadia is a German baseball cheerleader. Nadia brings up the whole “you must be feeling weak.” Well, it’s a good thing the two of them ended up in space. Once in her apartment Zoe starts to cry and pulls out what is apparently a phone but looks like a tiny box to call Jen and say she’s coming.

Zoe hears the baby crying again and turns to look and Donner asks what it was. She says nothing. Ted, Paula, Zoe, Donner, and Eve all have heart spikes and hallucinations. What about Nadia? Eve is seeing little dirty children. Apparently distance from Beta is irrelevant. Beta’s pulse goes up and then drops. Right now it’s getting louder. Why? Maybe it doesn’t want to be hidden anymore. To avoid this, they tell the commercial people that there is something wrong with their patches and so they might have some trouble and so they don’t think it is a good idea to move forward with the commercial.

Nadia is still following the mystery man until Mintz comes up behind her and scares her. He leads her back to the airlock. Only Jen and Wass don’t have fevers. They feel fine and don’t believe the patches are ruined.

Back in the meeting the company is pissed about the idea of pulling the commercial. The loss of money would cause cuts. Let’s ask the crew. They all agree to go. Mintz says they’re fine. “Astronauts.” (Shake head.) The kids show up and Eve sees among them the creepy dirty ones.

Jen comes to pick up Zoe. Jen plans to match her costume to Ted and Zoe intends to be something she never will be: pregnant astronaut. This doesn’t seem like the best idea. Everything thinks this is a disaster.

Nadia is clearly not feeling so well but she says nothing. Paula does a behind the scenes look of the commercial but she sees a dog and can’t seem to keep her stream of consciousness. She wanders away and Mintz calls after her. She doesn’t seem to hear him. They’re all hot and sweaty as they enter the airlock. Everyone watches nervously. Paula sees a dog, Hector, dying. She asks Mintz for help but then he sees her as the little girl. Donner starts to see footprints, Zoe hears crying.

The outer hatch opens and it’s time to step into space. The gravity is turned off. Just as Ted is about to step out he sees the desert. Jen asks Ted what’s wrong but he’s too wrapped up in the hallucination.

Past Eve asks Past Ted about the Mars mission. He starts to tell her about the storm. The two astronauts who were left behind had to cover the distance to the ship by foot. They’d been expecting the storm but they didn’t know how bad it would be. Meanwhile, at the party Zoe of course drinks and Donner watches on worriedly. Nadia tells him to forget about her, she’s a big girl. Jen wonders why Ted hasn’t come to the party. Zoe says she wants to dance but Jen pulls her back. Someone super sketchy flirts, gives her a drink (which they toast “to the baby”), and asks her to dance. Rory talks to Jen.

They wonder what the hangup is with Ted. Mintz and Paula can’t move because of the hallucinations. Everyone’s blood pressure is spiked. Donner and Jen try to get Ted’s attention.

Ted and Eve talk about how they thought the astronauts were close enough to have made it. She tells him not to feel guilty. She’s gone through everything and she tells him they could not have made it.

Zoe is dancing with sketchball and Donner comes to tell her to slow down. She goes to the bar to ask for another drink but Donner says water only. Donner warns her to watch out for the guy who is flirting with her since he has a reputation. Zoe says she can watch after herself. She rambles about belonging in the program. Zoe starts to throw up (and says that her relationship with Donner is built on vomit). AJ follows them to the bathroom to help. Zoe’s and Donner’s hallucination have incapacitated them. Same with Nadia. Only Wass and Jen seem okay. They’re all sweaty gross. Donner says they can’t do it and calls for the abort. The commercial people are all upset. The program says they’ve made the best decision.

Everyone’s okay once back in the ship. They all lie about no longer seeing anything. Things are over but there’s no way to say it won’t happen again. Roy doesn’t want to go trick or treating because his dad didn’t.

Past Zoe is clearly sick and has a headache and AJ says that he wanted to tell her that she made the right decision so she should never look back or regret it. She is meant for space. The baby’s soul was meant to move on to another body and path. There is freedom for both of them. (I love AJ, definitely one of the best characters on the show.)

Eve and Ted talk about Roy. Roy is confused. He’s going trick or treating within the space program but not outside with the others.

Zoe thanks Donner for making the call. She says she’s really glad he’s in space and he says he’s glad she is. She has something private to tell him. She tells him about a dream she’s been having that really scares her. In it she’s pregnant, in space, and floating, naked into the airlock. She sees him and he’s outside working on a thruster and there’s a bright light emerging from behind a planet. (She starts telling the dream he finishes it.) They’ve been having the same dream for the last two months. They realize something bigger is going on.

Creepy music that sounds like it’s been stolen from Lost and…end episode.


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