America’s Best Dance Crew 4

This week the five remaiing dance crews Massive Monkeys, Rhythm City, We Are Heroes, Afroborike, and Vogue Evolution will be competing by incorporating the hottest dance crazes of the moment while on a trampoline.

Immediately we start by revealing the fates of two groups. Afroborike vs. Vogue Evolution. One crew is safe, one is in the bottom. The crew with a guaranteed spot on next week’s show is: Afroborike. Meaning Vogue Evolution is in the bottom two (for the very first time) and must battle it out with the other one in the bottom for a spot.

Afroborike performs first. Their challenge is to include swagsurfing. The crew has some difficulty remaining standing while practicing on the trampoline. Performing to the song “SwagSurfer.” Oh I understand, there’s just a small trampoline added onto the stage in the middle that makes more sense. It’s interesting. Shane likes that they always do something interesting and new. Which they…do. No watered down routine here. Lil Mama says they looked like a group growing into a new area. Their lifts were pro. JC said good but not great. I need excellent. They had a few clunky and elementary moments.

Massive Monkeys vs We Are Heroes vs Rhythm City. The first crew advancing is… Massive Monkeys! No big surprise. The crew that has secured a spot on the next episode is…Rhythm City. We Are Heroes is in the bottom two once again.

Massive Monkeys performs now. They dance style is the Ricky Bobby. One of the guys’ mothers was diagnosed with cancer and she’s the one who has been encouraging him. Lil Mama thinks it was a great performance, entertaining, incorporating tricks and props. A little slower than usual but fun. They always bring the “sickness.” JC says they got lucky. The trampoline might be tailormade for them. They used it well. Nice slow grind. Shane says if you can’t groove you can’t dance. He loved it. They showed up.

Rhythm City will be taking on the style Jerkin’. One of their girls seems to have a difficulty with this move and I just want to say, even I can do this move and I am not much of a dancer at all. They give a nerd being beaten up by a bully but eventually gets the girls style. JC says another good number that started slowly. He’s figuring out that they’re sneaky athletic. Cute storyline. Well done task. He wants excellent. Shane feels the same way. He wanted to see more of the jerk. The group is so clean from beginning to end. (Agreed, that’s what I was thinking.) Shane is shocked that the girl has never seen or heard of it. Lil Mama felt like it was the most exciting performance of the night. Very theatrical and worked the stage well.

We Are Heroes must take on the move the Stanky Lgg, which is a totally different swagger. One girl hit her head and was told by her doctor not to perform, but she intends to ignore. I’m going to venture to say best performance of the night here and the flips that were done by the girl who wasn’t supposed to perform were amazing.

Vogue Evolution is next. Laomi was upset that Lil Mama called her out for her bratty behavior last week. Their dance sensation is apparently the Halle Berry though I have no idea why. In an odd way, this is something that feels completely appropriate to their crew, not sure why. This group is fun and it would be sad to lose them, but I think We Are Heroes easily wins this round. In my opinion anyway.

Lil Mama wants to say that the injured girl is a champion (three flips off the trampoline). They worked it out, played on the prop with song using the sock. Shane says Vogue Evolution he didn’t expect some of their stuff but he needs them to give more clean choreography. They are entertainers. He loves that they totally incorporated the task. JC starts with We Are Heroes. Huge that despite their injuries they were on the Offense which is huge. There were moments that they made nice twists on the moves. The attitude was nice. Then on to Vogue Evolution. This was their most charismatic. They have their own style and everyone had a chance to shine. Best of luck to both crews.

Judges will make their decision during the break.

It all comes down to this…only one crew can be granted another life. The crew remaining is…WE ARE HEROES. The audience is cheering something but I don’t know what. Laomi is crying. Mario tells them no one will ever forget them. Laomi says they’re proud to show the world that you can conquer anything you want. This is not the last of them. Go for your dreams…


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