Ok, I’ll admit it, I liked it. Well, let me be more specific, I tried to watch it in the beginning of the summer when they aired episode 1 and I HATED it. I mean hated, like could not even finish the episode which, for me, is very rare. But then, I saw a clip of the performance at the end when they sing “Don’t Stop Believing” and it made me really want to go back and watch the show. I heard from a friend that the episode aired wasn’t the full episode and that supposedly the full thing was much better. So when I saw that the producer’s cut was airing last night I decided to give it a chance.

This time around, I liked it much better. (Ironically, I actually ended up seeing the original episode not the producer’s cut which is four minutes longer. And apparently there is still a third version, the director’s cut, that will be aired next week.) I don’t think it deserves as much hype as it’s gotten. It isn’t the best thing to hit tv, but there’s something about it that’s fun. Rachel reminds me of Idina Menzel (both in voice, appearance, and HUGE mouth) who I am a big fan of. The teacher, Will Schuester, might be one of the less compelling characters for me. (Did anyone else get the sense that his wife was lying about being pregnant?) Actually, I guess I’m least interested in Emma, who is a combination of hot and quirky and is secretly in love with the married Will. Jane Lynch is of course funny, with her deadpan comic delivery. For the kids, it could go either way. If we only follow the two lead singers then I’m less interested because the other kids seem so much more fun. But we’ll see.

I’m not altogether surprised that I liked it since it’s basically High School Musical with some adults thrown into the mix. Finn’s storyline jock and secret singer is basically Troy but a little cuter looking. In my opinion anyway, some might disagree. I’m not sure where the show intends to go beyond this first episode since Finn seems to have already solved his do I or don’t I debate about joining Glee at the risk of ruining his reputation, Will has already decided to stay despite a baby coming, Rachel has finally found the outlet she needs to be a star and have an equal partner, and the club is already talented and has garnered a full roster. But I’m curious, so I will definitely be watching.

And of course, the video of “Don’t Stop Believin'”:


2 Responses to “Glee”

  1. Malaika Says:

    I was thinking Rachel sounded like Idina Menzel too!

    I JUST watched it 3 days ago in an attempt to find something new before the fall lineup FINALLY kicks off. I had seen previews in the spring, but had assumed the show actually had a whole season under it’s belt. SURPRISE! There’s only one episode from back in May. . . strange.

    I definitely thought the wife was lying, but what reason would she have to pretend to be pregnant? I guess if she wanted to get out of working only 12 hours a week, but hopefully her character’s not that shallow.

    The “rival” team’s number was good! I’m a sucker for musicals, cause I love singing along, so hopefully the show will progress well. I may depend on your reviews to let me know if it’s worth my time, I was iffy when I saw the previews and I agree, there’s no conflict to continue the show on, although with a 3 month break between the 1st and 2nd episodes, maybe leaving the show with a conflict would have been a bad idea.

  2. cindy Says:

    glee was a little high school musical-y, but it was also very much like popular. it’s actually done by the same showrunner. so it makes sense. it’s like he had an idea, kind of tackled it in one show but never fully fulfilled what he wanted to say to the world, and tried again only this time added music and cashed in on the renewed love for music.

    interestingly enough, the popular pilot included a girl singing the story of brooke and sam. her character disappeared after that episode. but there were definitely musical elements that were intended for popular only the cultural climate now is more open to them.

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