America’s Got Talent Semi Final Results 1

Filler, filler, filler, exclusive performance by David Hasselhoff, filler, filler, filler, meet the judges…

Piers says last night’s show was the best ever so there will be shocking results. Sharon can’t wait to see which four are chosen. “Pimp Daddy Hassel” is looking forward to sharing the stage with Miss Piggy and Kermit.

Now for the results:
Group One: Arcadian Broad, The Texas Tenors, and Drew Thomas Magic. The first act going home in the group is Drew Thomas Magic. His daughter is crying which is sad. Only one is going through. America has voted. The act that is moving on into the finals is The Texas Tenors. They come over and give Arcadian a hug which is cute. David thinks America made a good decision. (They make it sound like America was voting between the people within each of those groups when that’s not how it works at all.)

3 spots left. Earlier today, Sharon was talking to Miss Piggy about having lunch with Kermit, making the muppet jealous.

Muppet performance first. They fight about him eating with Sharon and sing “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” Kermit hands Nick a CD that says “in case Miss Piggy throws a fit.” It’s a collage of pictures of them together. She forgives him. This is such a strange act…

Product placement: at the Orville lounge we zoom in on a bowl of popcorn with the Orville Redenbacher’s logo on it.

Group 2: Grandma Lee, Tony and Rory, and Paradiso Dance. This is my least favorite group. I wouldn’t come to watch any of them for 90 minutes. Only one group is going through to the final. America has voted. The next act to go home is…Paradiso Dance. (Grandma Lee has got a bunch of people shouting her name.) Now, the act taking the second spot in the final is…Grandma Lee. She gets a huge chant with Sharon and David standing up to applaud. Piers thinks she’s a very special lady and “‘why can’t she win this show?”

Next performance by David Hasselhoff who is performing “Feeling Good.” It looks like an old time movie. David is singing. He’s actually pretty good. Oh, and now he’s dancing. Not as good. It sort of like an old man’s dance. He’s clearly not in the shape he was in during Baywatch.

2 spots left. Group 3: Kevin Skinner, Acrodunk, The Voices of Glory, and the Fab Five. Well this is frustrating because I like all of them. Though I like Voices of Glory least. This is the strongest group up. The first act going through is Kevin Skinner and he gives the promised biggest smile he can produce. Three acts, one spot. America has voted. The next act to go home is…Acrodunk. (Shrieky girl cheers for them and boos the results.) I’m surprised by that but I really want the Fab Five to get in. Sharon always gets so emotional at this point and everyone added so much. It’s all bitter sweet.

One spot left in the final. They came in 4th and 5th. Only one will move on and it’s the judges choice. She says she has a soft spot for the Voices of Glory and they’re nearly there. The Fab Five are gorgeous and unbelievable dancers. She can’t decide. She won’t do it. David tells the Voices of Glory that they’re so young and they have so much to bring. Fab Five are so on their game. Piers said they debated and having already lost one great act (Acrodunk), they don’t want to lose another so they’ve decided the only fair way is to have no judges’ pick. Voices of Glory and The Fab Five will be going through.

So to recap, going through are: The Texas Tenors, Granmda Lee, Kevin Skinner, The Voices of Glory, and The Fab Five.


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