Reality TV Competition News

So You Think You Can Dance for season 6, some things we can expect are 1) an episode where we are introduced to the Top 20 BEFORE Top 20 competition begins, 2) secondary challenges on results nights to reduce filler, 3) more celebrity performances (not so thrilled with this one unless the guests are people who can actually dance as opposed to Katie Holmes who only did sort of average stuff), and 4) the return of Evan’s brother Ryan (he’s supposedly less skilled than his brother as of season 5 so I don’t know how exciting this is but he’s got a great personality and he’s been expanding his dance repertoire).

American Idol Paula Abdul is gone (will there be any nice judge this season) and she is being replaced by a slew of guest judges for the time being. Anything for Simon to maintain his “head judge” and tie breaking status. For season 9, the show is amping up it’s list of celebrity guest judges. so far on the list are: Avril Lavigne, Katie Perry, Victoria Beckham, Mary J. Blige, Joe Jonas, Neil Patrick Harris, and Kristin Chenoweth. I’m excited by the last two and indifferent to the others but also curious to see Avril Lavigne’s personality. While Victoria Beckham has become popular as David’s wife, her time as Posh Spice does little to make me think she is qualified to judge singing ability. (Did she even sing while with the Spice Girls? Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Spice Girls, I even went to one of their concerts during the reunion tour, but seriously.)

Dancing With The Stars– in truth, the only thing exciting to me about this show is that Shawn Johnson won it. Ballroom dancing just isn’t all that interesting to me, at least not to the point where I can watch it for two hours straight. This season, season 9, has a larger cast then ever with 16 couples (meaning a few couple eliminations along the way). I’m not all that excited for the celebrities though I’m interested to see how Kelly Osbourne fairs and also to see Melissa Joan Hart return. Joanna Krupa seems to making the rounds with reality tv and hopefully she is paired with a good partner or all hell will break loose (as seen with Terrel Owens on The Superstar).

RW/RR Challenge: The Ruins– the eighteenth season of this show will be taking place in Thailand. This time around the teams will be divided into Champions (those who have won at least one challenge) and Challengers (those who have never won). You know this means there will be the standard bullies who think they’re awesome versus the meeker less experience competitors. On the upside, all the bullies will pretty much be on one team so it should shift the dynamics a bit and open up the field for some newer competitors. By the way of competitors, I’m excited to see the return of Evelyn and Evan, two of the strongest challengers lately (both introduced during the Fresh Meat season).

America’s Next Top Model– for the latest gimmick in cycle 13, all the girls are 5″7′ and under, which is a surprise since the height requirement was 5″6′ and up for previous cycles, with the shorter girls always getting negative feedback for their height. How this will actually change the show I’m not sure, but we’ll see. Paulina Porizkova is no longer a judge but I haven’t heard anything about her being replaced. (I do know that Chanel Iman and Lauren Conrad will be on the show as guest judges during the season but they always have guest judges so this isn’t a surprise.) Already the show has been renewed for a 14th cycle.

Which reality shows are you excited for?


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