I’m a latecomer to Eureka. I hadn’t even heard about it until this year, when I started looking for a dystopia type show to watch. This doesn’t quite fall into that category, but it’s close enough.

Eureka follows Sheriff Jack Carter, a sheriff of average intelligence who stumbles across the small town of Eureka while escorting his troublesome, runaway teen daughter Zoe home. They quickly discover that Eureka is no ordinary town: it’s inhabited solely by geniuses. While there, the current town sheriff is crippled, requiring Carter to step in and solve the first of many mysterious occurrences. After successfully solving the case, Carter is asked to remain on as Sheriff, much to the chagrin of Deputy Jo Lupo who was next in line for the job. Carter and Zoe remain in Eureka, reconnecting as father and daughter as Carter solves crimes and scientific mysteries that could otherwise bring the world’s destruction.

Sounds a little much, I know. As with most shows, we get more of the stand alone, formulaic episodes in the beginning, which is slow going and a little irritating after a while. But finally we get into a bigger arc, which in this case involves an object known solely as The Artifact that has unknown power and information.

Despite his average intelligence, Carter is able to solve cases when none of the geniuses can because he looks at things with a fresh eye and from a different perspective. (With of course some scientific help from the geek squad, made up of arrogant Nathan Stark, attractive Allison Blake, socially awkward Fargo, and sage Henry.)

This is an example of a show that I’m glad was renewed after the first season because where the show was weak (largely in the emotional aspect), it has really grown in the second and third season. (I’m not quite finished with the third season so I can’t speak for the entire thing, but I’m up to episode 8, so I’m close.)

Unfortunately, I think this is a show that a lot of people won’t quite connect. The science fiction is different than your typical science fiction show. There aren’t people with super human abilities or space flight and star ships. It’s more of a pure science fiction that I’m not sure everyone can connect to. But personally, it’s a fun series that, while not a MUST SEE, is worth taking the time if you need a show to fill the time.


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