Weeds: All About My Mom

There’s a massage being set up for Nancy, it’s a gift, but she doesn’t want it. The woman refuses to leave until she does her job so Nancy acquiesces. She’s upset that Esteban is still with Pilar. The masseuse was sent by Pilar apparently.

Grossness poured into a vase by Celia. Doug comes in. It looks like they’re in a storage locker. Celia wants out of the business and intends to sell her weed cheap to him. He only has $37. She is willing to give it to him on credit. She shows him her pot and he points out that she sold his pot. He lets it slip that he knows the cop following her so she knocks him out.

Nancy is serving the baby with a bottle because she drank too much last night. She and Shane have a non-discussion about how they never talk anymore. In comes Silas who gets a call from Adelita (finally learned her name). She’s calling to ask him to come up to his room. She’s lying on her bed and asks him to get her her laptop. What Silas doesn’t catch is there’s clearly something wrong. She can’t feel half her body. She wants to look up why. They argue. She asks him to shoot her up before he goes and then she pukes.

Andy brings Dr. Alanis (Audra) into the garage, covering her eyes and then reveals a new van. She seems amazed by it, kinda like a kid in a candy shop. He tells her to look at the rearview mirror where a ring is hanging on a string. She says it isn’t safe to keep it there. So he proposes. Before she can respond, she gets a call from Silas.

Nancy finds Pilar and Esteban outside together. He says they’ve come to an understanding. Pilar says she can see that Nancy isn’t bad for him but it would be best if she stayed in the background. Nancy says get out. Pilar has to prep for a party to fundraise. (Nancy is allowed to come for 30 minutes.) Pilar leaves. They talk. He says Pilar has every indiscretion of his documented and if he didn’t cooperate he would go to jail for life. Nancy is wearing his deodorant and Esteban forbids her to wear it.

Nancy calls Guillermo. He’s in Mexico. She wants “it” done today.

Celia has Doug tied up. Celia says she’s no longer into men because she met a lady. She admits she needs to sleep with men. Celia is insistent on being a drug dealer. If Nancy can do it so can she. Nancy had a team. So Celia needs a team. She agrees to team up with Doug. Well, Doug has to team up with Celia.

Alanis arrives to look at Adelita. Meanwhile Andy and Nancy talk. He’s proposed and anticipates that she will say yes. Nancy’s a little glad that Esteban’s daughter isn’t perfect. Shows what he knows about raising kids. Esteban comes in and wonders why Andy is over. Why isn’t he with his fiance? His fiance is over too, with his daughter. Nancy says his daughter has a heroine problem but Esteban says it’s impossible. He doesn’t know what to do.

Celia holds a meeting with Doug, Dean, Sanje, Ignacio, and Isabelle. This is her crew. Isabelle is the brains.

Alanis hasn’t said yes to the proposal but she’s still wearing the ring. They are surprised by the protester holdign a bow and arrow. Andy runs away.

The Botwins are at the fundraiser. Shane asks why Silas didn’t go to Europe. Because he wants to take care of his family. (He doesn’t say it in so many words but that’s the gist.) Cesar tells Nancy to get used to Pilar’s ways but Nancy says she has prepared a different way. Esteban apologizes to her but he hugs and kisses her in public so that’s a good sign. Pilar wants to take walk with Nancy before she leaves. Pilar brings up Guillermo. She admires the “cajohones” but she should try to hire someone who doesn’t work for her. Pilar threatens to hurt Silas and Shane. Nancy says if she goes near them she’ll kill her herself. While Pilar is threatening them, Shane whacks Pilar on the head and she lands in the pool Sunset Boulevard style.

(To put it out there, I think this is one of my favorite episodes in a long while.)


3 Responses to “Weeds: All About My Mom”

  1. sarah Says:

    I 100% agree that this was one of the best episodes in a long, long, long time!! I must have rewinded Shane bashing Pilar’s head in 4 or 5 times. I thought the last 2 seasons were weaker…but I think they have revived it a bit here. I also love that you call her Alanis as opposed to the show’s name-Audra? How many more seasons do you think this will run?

    • ax20 Says:

      well they’ve already been picked up for another season. the show in it’s first year averaged only 380,000 viewers and it was still renewed so I wouldn’t be surprised if they keep it around for quite a while longer (unless the actors bow out or something). at this point the viewership has reached over a million (growing steadily every year) so there’s no reason it will end soon unless viewership drops dramatically (or they get greedy and try to replace it with something that will earn even bigger audiences).

  2. sarah Says:

    PS-Adaleta is one crazy bi-atch lol

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