Ultimate Cakeoff: Pirates

Finally, nearly a month after the first episode, the second episode is being aired. (Meanwhile the Food Network has been having a show called “The Food Network Challenge” which is essentially the same show.)

The contestants:
Bob (always aims for extremely big cakes)
Susan (she doesn’t know how to cut down)
Mike (he works with his mom. that’s so cute)

The winner will have their cake showcased at the Pirate Invasion Fair and get $10,000. They have 9 hours to complete their cakes, including the design.

We get a little cartoon of each of the designs. Two of three definitely gone for artistic over real cake. One looks cake like while incorporating the artistic side. These cakes average around 6 feet. They point out how important the engineering aspect of the cake design is. This is no simple baking process.

Bob’s working on his tall cake and things aren’t going well because he needs to cool them down before they can be frosted properly. Nowhere near finished with the first ship on his cake, he moves on to the second to get it started. Susan is stacking her cake meanwhile. She’s never made a cake over five feet tall before (which is the minimum height for the cakes). Mike is having issues with the fondant, it’s ripping. He seems a bit impatient with his mom (normally she’s the one in charge). Bob’s icing is falling apart. Bob shows himself more innovative and comes up with a system to keep it from ripping.

Judgment is on Aesthetic Appeal, Client Satisfaction, and Degree of Difficulty. As they work the judges come around to ask questions and look on.

Mike is rolling his fondant too thick. Susan has her cake nearly made but has to pay more attention to detail. Bob works cover the entire cake with fondant despite not typically using fondant. Mid-process the client comes to look at their progress. Bob tries to ignore him in hopes that he leaves. It doesn’t work. Mike loves talking to him.

But there’s a twist! They must incorporate the monkey mascot into their cake, which must be four inches. They’ll be judged for creativity.

Bob attempts to redo the fondant. He doesn’t seem to be making much progress at all. Susan’s cake involves a drinking pirate, cannons shooting glitter, swimming sharks, and a bobbing treasure chest. Mike has a lot of detail and they wonder it he’ll have time. Finally Bob gets the map painted.

Pause. The taste test. They must give the judges a sample of their cake. The best tasting cake wins.
Bob- sponge with coconut and pineapple filling
Susan- coconut cake (critiqued for too much coconut)
Mike- sponge/pound cake
The winner is decided. It is…one of the men (sorry I totally missed it.) Susan has to sit out. Apparently there is only one challenge this time around.

With less than an hour they get back to work and have just the details to work. An entire chunk of fondant falls off the cake. Apparently his construction was problematic. Mike has some tension while working with mom but they keep on.

Time’s up. (Mike has an emotional moment.) Susan is first to move her cake. Nervously. Then comes Mike who isn’t so nervous (his mother is a little overly talkative). I’m kind of afraid that as he moves the cake the entire thing will collapse. Oh, it seems it already collapsed so he makes a joke out of it and rides in on his cake mess. Everyone cheered for him. It’s nice to see him take it well.

Susan’s cake is pretty awesome. She’s told it’s pretty sloppy because she got too much in the way of ideas. Mike’s is pretty nice too though relatively small. It has a sinking ship which is pretty awesome. The ship has some cracked fondant. Lots of little characters.

Shockingly, Bob is not a finalist. Susan vs Mike now. And the winner is…Mike.

Mike also gets hired for a cake featured in a USA Weekend Magazine, one that is summer themed.

(Overall, I think the cakes are more impressive this episode than last time’s.)


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