Hell’s Kitchen 8

The contestants return to their apartment. The men say they can’t believe Robert is gone. Dave thinks Robert was more skilled than Andy (so why didn’t you nominate him?!?) The women meanwhile hope to get rid of Suzanne because she’s getting on their nerves. She rubs them all the wrong way.

Challenge time. Ramsay plans a taste test for the chefs. His favorite challenge since all good chefs must have a great pallette. Andy says he’s known for his taste buds so great. Tennille is told to sit out. Suzanne brags about her great taste test.

Ariel vs Van tasting cream cheese. Van guesses yogurt, Ariel guesses cream cheese. They then taste venison which both guess wrong. They also get pecans wrong. Finally, leeks. Van gets it right as does Ariel. Score is 2-1 women.

Dave and Suzanne are next. They get turkey right but miss zuccini. For quince, which they work with everyday they both guess wrong. Egg yolk is last which Dave guesses is squash and Suzanne gets right. Women lead 4-2.

Kevin vs Sabrina. Iceberg lettuce first. Which they both misidentify. Grapefruit is guessed correctly by both but miss oregano. Clams are the last one for them which Kevin totally misses by guessing spinach and Sabrina guesses is Tuna. 5-3 women.

Amanda vs Andy. Lychee is first. (Amanda can’t seem to open her mouth wide enough.) Andy gets it while Amanda guesses pineapples. 5-4 the women. Avocado next. Andy says its tough and guesses boiled coconut. Amanda gets it right. 6-4 women. If Andy misses the next one it’s all over. Ahi tuna is the choice. Amanda actually gags. Both team are praying as Andy debates it. Finally he guesses salmon. The women win.

Andy got no more or less than anyone else but they’ll probably remember it as him losing it for all of them.

The women must get dressed for the limo while the men prepare the glasses, bring in a new shipment, and make sorbet for service. With two injured guys, this will be tough for them. The men are surly as the women come in. The guys have to sort the berries that came in. Van gets so dirty it looks like he was in a drive by shooting.

The women arrive at Opaque where they dine in the dark. They walking in train style and are seated. They’re all giddy. He tells them to eat in the dark more often so they could appreciate tastes. Suzanne asks a question that makes them all think “suck up!”

Chef Scott brings in  some good looking food and blends it. This is apparently their lunch and they all feel like they’re going to throw up. Van enjoys though.

The girls return all drunk and school girl giggly.

Both teams begin prepping. The women are clearly not getting along. They women have the anti-Suzanne team. She recognizes it. (They cut to a shot of her eying them from behind a wall which makes her look creepy.)

Ramsay calls the teams in. They will be serving a sorbet for the first time ever. Ariel will be working the sorbet table-side as well as in the kitchen. Ramsay’s goal is consistency out of the two kitchens.

Dinner service begins. Tennille and Kevin are on appetizers. Kevin plans to jump in on Andy’s garnish station if needed. Suzanne’s scallops are cooking and Tennille tells her to redo them because they’re dark. Ramsay says they’re a nice color. Kevin served up a risotto and Ramsay says it’s good. So far so good for both. Ariel heads out to serve sorbets (six flavors and they look good). Kevin heads out to do the same with Van covering the app station.

Van’s first appetizers up are bland. He delivers them again and they’re good. One of the women tell Kevin the risotto was bad and she’s disappointed. Ariel returns to the kitchen as they move on to entrees. Tennille offers help to Amanda who is getting overwhelmed on garnish and she refuses. He yells at her and she redoes it acceptably. Andy can’t seem to remember what’s next and isn’t communicating when Kevin returns. Ramsay yells at them for not listening to the orders. They pick it up again.

With Sabrina on meat and Suzanne on fish can’t seem to work together. They finally get it out but the lamb is raw and is returned. (Sabrina blames Suzanne for rushing her.) He kicks her out of the kitchen. (She made one mistake and her kicked her out!) Sabrina is eating the lamb meanwhile. Tennille is assigned to the meat and she loves taking charge. Tennille delivers acceptable lamb and the diners are happier.

The men have found their rhythm. Sabrina is finally called back in and he says if you won’t eat your raw food why should the diners. The men are almost finished. If Andy can keep up. He says they have too few potatoes for what’s ordered. Is it enough? Barely. The diners are pleased.

The women are also nearing the end. Suzanne is a minute off with the fish which means they have to redo the entire table. (All must be served at once.) They start blaming each other and the diners wonder where their food is.

The men are down to their last three tickets but there isn’t enough potatoes. David says he’ll run to get some. He uses potatoes skins to make. Andy is sent to tell the clients that they are short on mashed potatoes. Suzanne asks Amanda for help but even so the fish comes out cold. (Suzanne then blames it on Amanda.)

Ramsay’s freaking out and yells at both Suzanne and Amanda. Dave works to prep the potatoes. Andy’s overwhelmed by being stuck between Chef Scott and Chef Ramsay. Dave’s finished the potatoes and they finish their entrees. As does the red team.

Dinner service ended and Ramsay tells them both teams are equally weak. The winner tonight was the blue team. One of the best performances came from Dave. Tennille is told he’s glad she’s still around because it was her best service and she was the best of the worst so she can nominate two for elimination. Gee, I wonder who she will pick? (I am sick of Tennille yelling at the camera during her confessionals.) Tennille tells her she’s putting Suzanne up for throwing everyone under the bus. Suzanne apologizes for being intense, she isn’t trying to throw them under the bus. (The distinction between “I’m ready” and “we’re ready.”) Tennille thinks about putting Amanda up for her carelessness during service.

Upon request, Tennille nominates Suzanne for lack of teamwork. Next is Sabrina for “not stepping into the role she needs to make the team successful.” Ramsay decides to add one more person. Amanda join the nominated. Suzanne says she gives her full everyday and she thinks it’s personal. Sabrina thinks she should stay because she’s a team player, a leader, and a good cook. Amanda says she can cook her stuff and she can win.

He decides that…Suzanne…back in line. Amanda is going home. Amanda is a very gracious loser. She plans to keep cooking and be the best chef ever!

Ramsay tells them he plans to turn things up a notch.

They all promise to gun for Suzanne. Each team has 4 contestants left.


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