America’s Got Talent Semi Finals 1 (10 of 20)

Ten of the top 20 perform in the first of two semi-final shows. 4 spots will make it into the final. Piers says they have to be worth $1 million. Sharon says show personality. Hoff is “hoffstatic” because the talent tonight is “hoffstanding.” He must be cringing every time he makes one of those jokes. If not, I’m cringing for him. (The Vegas will be hosted by Jerry Springer by the way.)

Performing tonight are: Drew Thomas Magic, Fab Five, Texas Tenors, Voices of Glory, Tony and Rory, Acrodunk, Kevin Skinner, Grandma Lee, Arcadian Broad, and Paradiso Dance.

The contestants size each other up and think about how huge the stakes are now. The quarterfinals gave them months of practice, the semifinals got only days. In a minute and forty-five seconds they have to do more than ever before. They’re so close.

Acrodunk is first. One of the guys met his dad for the first time in over twenty years last week. They’ve added fire to their routine. They’ve got a number of injuries. Can they pull through? Lots of smoke… They kinda look like power rangers but they do put on Let It Rock which is always a sure bet. Their performance ends with one of the guys diving through a hoop of fire to slam dunk into another hoop of fire. (It’s exciting my only complaint is very few actual dunks and a few times where the stage is left completely empty.) Piers says one of the most exciting, thrilling, dynamic, and entertaining things ever seen on the show. Sharon loves them, new elements, so exciting. David says they came to play and are on their way.

Second comes The Texas Tenors. Their unique style mixes country and opera music. Tonight they will be singing a ballad as per Hasselhoff’s advice. (So cheesy looking…they sing Unchained Melody.) I can’t really make out any of the words which is kind of irritating and as I’ve said before, not such an opera fan. Sharon says “whew well…fantastic.” Electric eye contact, nailed it. She offers her number to Marcus (the blond). David says they’re front runners to win. Piers says he told them to be less cheesy and they return with the cheesy pop song in history and sing it in the cheesiest possible way. But it was brilliant. They’ve only been together a few months but they just have a fun time.

Next up is Paradiso Dance. He’s been working out a bit more to get in shape plus he burned his hand. Oh cute, they’re doing the Shrek  song (really the Monkees’ I’m a Believer). Every time it started to get boring they pulled out a pretty cool lift move. I will say I think this was their best performance yet. Sharon asks how his hand is doing. She prefers the romantic style of dance but she appreciated the lighthearted funniness. Hoff likes their outfits and prefers the beauty of the romance. He hopes they’re voted back. Piers says it’s hard to follow the last acts and he thinks they forgot about their unique selling point (her lifting him) and that drifted away. (Dude, she can only lift him so many times. I also find that part so inelegant, so I don’t care for it.) They wanted to show a sense of fun.

Drew Thomas is next.  He’s been with his daughter this whole time, which is great. Everything has been built by them. Making it into the finals would give him a chance to give his daughter everything. It starts with a letter from his daughter that is narrated aloud. One buzz comes from Piers in the middles. It’s sweet because he incorporates his daughter into it, though not as exciting as his other shows. Piers hated it. (Boos from the crowd.) The music was too slow, the pace was absurd. The trick is the same as before (disappearing and reappearing assistants). His daughter, who is on stage with him, starts crying. Sharon starts talking to her to make her smile. She says she thinks it was fabulous. David says it’s nice to have a part be heartfelt and he likes it.

Tony and Rory are next. Sharon defends her choice to put them through. Piers disagrees. (Tony had to quit his job to do this because he had no vacation time left.) Oh the song Let’s Get It Started. Good choice. Definitely the best one yet, no dropped discs this time. Sharon says Rory delivered. He looks fantastic and was spot on. (Sharon doesn’t know what a frisbee is.) Sharon is furious at his boss for not giving him time off. David says he stepped it up and made a Vegas-worthy performance. Mr. Ogre-Morgan. No buzz. He said much better, honestly that was miles better than the last performance.

Voices of Glory. Older brother’s a jock. Younger is an artist. Sister’s a diva. Their parents are proud and tell them to just do their best.  The problem is that the brothers have good background voices but their not very strong otherwise so when the sister’s not singing it sounds really shaky. I think they’re good but I couldn’t listen to them for a 90 minutes show. David says they can bring the world together. They’re sweet and honest. Piers likes what they stand for (purity, polite, respectful, family) and they’ve got talent. She’s given her best vocal performance. They’re going to have to let her do the singing. Sharon asks if they thought they’d make it to the semis. She says the next time she sees them it will be at the final. If they won, they’d give 10% to charity and then let their dad divvy up the rest.

Fab Five are seventh. They grew up on a dairy farm where they had to work and do chores. Their dad is finally able to come to their performance (he usually misses them because of work). They do a band stand/ drumming routine to Lose My Breath and it’s a really good performance. (They even use bleachers which is really impressive the way they do it.) Possibly my favorite of the night so far. (Not the most attractive of outfits but well themed.) Piers says people forget how complicated and difficult their routine is. He would have liked to see a change of pace. They are brilliant but it will be tough to get through. Sharon says she loves the way they keep delivering the high energy. David says they’re better every time. They began performing together upon their father’s request.

Grandma Lee is up next. 75 year old comedian. She has ten grand kids. Her husband saw her perform one time before he died. There wasn’t time for comedy while she was raising her kids but now she has time to concentrate on herself. People her age consider their best years behind, she considers hers ahead. Umm, there are strippery oiled guys dancing in front of her. Until she tells them to cut the crap. Sharon loves Grandma Lee for her dirtiness, naughtiness, and irreverence. She’s got it happening. David says unlike other comedians, she’s actually funny. Piers loves her material, her delivery, and her achievement. He hopes she makes it through. I do not. I just didn’t think it was that funny. Amusing, but not Laugh Out Loud.

Arcadian Broad is up now. I love him. Since starting on the show, he’s had an easier time to talk to people. Especially girls. The girl he likes supports him. He will be doing partnering this time, which is a risk since she’s never been on stage before, but he wants to step it up. Ha, he chooses Together from High School Musical. It’s so cute and the lifts are well done. (I’d like him to expand on the different types of moves he does.) David loves the presentation and the whole thing. Piers says he’s very talented. He wondered if Arcadian was good enough for the finals given the standards of the acts and the answer is no. (LOTS OF BOOS.) He thinks the show is too early for him. Arcadian responds that he hadn’t planned this and the producers told him this. Piers says his technical ability isn’t quite good enough. Sharon says it isn’t up to him it’s up to America. Well done.

Kevin Skinner is the last one to perform singing “You Were Always On My Mind” by Willie Nelson. He has a couple rough patches. I don’t think he picked the best song for his voice. I always like his performances but I think he’s been better. Piers says he has an ability to move an audience like he’s never seen before. He’s his favorite to twin the whole competition after that performance. Sharon loves to see him smile. He nailed it, perfect song choice. She’s sure he’s coming back. (If he comes back he’ll give her the biggest smile his face can possibly produce.) David says he’s come  long way and will go a long way further.

My votes go to Fab Five, Arcadian Broad, Acrodunk, and Drew Thomas Magic. (I’d put Kevin Skinner up there but if I have to choose four, those are the ones I like best.) Who would you vote for?

Check out the results now.


One Response to “America’s Got Talent Semi Finals 1 (10 of 20)”

  1. mark Says:

    I like Drew Thomas Magic, Kevin Skinner, Acrodunk and the Texas Tenors but it will probably be:
    1. Kevin Skinner
    2. Acrodunk
    3. Grandma Lee
    4. Arcadian Broad

    Great Blog!

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