10 Things Fight for Your Right (To Party)

The girls’ father is giving them safety lessons before he leaves for a conference. Kat is left in charge (meaning responsible for Bianca). They hurry him out the door and celebrate with girly jumping and shrieks.

Bianca takes pictures of the house so she can clean the house up accordingly after she “has a few friends over.” In comes the cheerleaders, excited for karaoke. In come the football guys with beer. Kat tries to keep out some of the guys but can’t manage.

Patrick shows up and she tries to shut the door on him but he “just wants to talk.” Kat is angry that he left her at the dance even though he explains that he didn’t do anything and it wasn’t his fault. Pat wonders why he’s talking to her because she’s so judgmental. Joe is looking for Chastity and Bianca pulls him onto the dance floor. Cameron sees Bianca happy and hopes to apologize.

Kat joins the party and shuts off the lights. Bianca and Kat turn the power on anf off while fighting about responsibility. Bianca says she can’t be perfect like Kat. Kat is sick of being called perfect so she gets smashed.

Kat talks to cheerleaders and is impressed by their strategy (hairspray to keep their leotards down during games, unless they want to distract the other team). They think she’s cool. Joe asks for an energy drink. Bianca starts trying to be responsible for the party. Joe shoves the college student Chastity is talking to. Which of course leads to Bianca and Joey yelling at each other.

Kat pulls out a Tom Cruise Risky Business impression and starts singing (which she can’t do by the way) complete with button down shirt and no pants. (Which partying Kat do you prefer? Kat on a table hitting her head on a chandelier or Risky Business Kat?) Bianca tells Kat she’s out of control. Kat tells Bianca she’s pritiful and hopes they stay sisters foreva! Kat goes outside and finds Cameron eating watermelon. He says she’s scary. She asks if she’s fun. (Is the watermelon spiked?)

Joey wallows in self pity, he even ate Doritos and feels bloated now. He tells her it’s hard to be with Chastity sometimes, maybe he’s a bad boyfriend. Bianca tells him he’s the perfect boyfriend. They’re bonding time is interrupted by a call to find out what freaky thing is happening in the toilet.

Kat reveals to Cameron that he’s drunk. He asks how to get Bianca to forgive him. Buy her something that sparkles! Bianca’s all “yell yell yell!”Kat, who just knows things in her mind, bets Bianca secretly wants to make out with him. Then she has to make a phone call. (What will she say to Patrick in her inebriated state?) She tells him to come over so she can tell him something.

Someone throws up in Bianca penguin costume. Bianca tells Cameron he needs to go home but he apologizes. He says he’s in love with her and she thinks he’s gay. (His confession is super overwhelming because he wants to spend life and afterlife with her.) She doesn’t feel the same way. Let’s have sober talk. Or no talk. Bianca tries to get Kat’s help but she’s too drunk. Bianca tries to end the party but everyone ignores her.

Joey asks how he can help and he says he’ll do whatever she wants. They pound it on plans to end the party. They spray around and spread rumors of crabs. They hug at their success and kiss. And then are awkward. That didn’t happen! If it happened it was amazing, too bad it didn’t.

Kat wakes up hungover with I Heart Patrick on her arm. Of course the dad shows up but Bianca has managed to clean the house. They’re willing to indulge him in a home movie, only to discover that the dad planted a hidden camera in the house.

Episode 8
General Thoughts


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